Why did my watermelon randomly explode?

Why did my watermelon randomly explode?

The most common cause for a bursting watermelon is erratic watering. Whether it’s due to poor irrigation practices or drought followed by heavy rain, excessive accumulation of water can put the fruit under a lot of pressure.

Can watermelons spontaneously combust?

Aside from heat (we’ll get to that in a minute), watermelons can explode from an explosive gene that is found in many heirloom fruit varieties. That means something as little as bumping into it on the counter or cutting it with a knife can cause this particular type of watermelon to explode like a volcano.

Is watermelon good for cats?

Watermelon is a wonderful treat, especially when it’s served cool on a warm summer day. On one such occasion, you may ask yourself, “Can cats eat watermelon?” The short answer is that it’s nontoxic to cats and unlikely to cause problems for them in small doses on rare occasions.

Why is my watermelon light pink inside?

The Color Is Key The inside, if you’re looking at a cut watermelon section, should be bright pink or red with a thick, pale rind. An over-ripe melon will have paler pink flesh, more a shell pink than hot pink. The rind may be greener, and the outside will be more splotchy or discolored.

What does fizzy watermelon mean?

If you take a bite and the fruit is sour or fizzy, spit it out and chuck the rest. A good rule of thumb is to eat pre-cut watermelon by the expiration date, or at the most, within five days of buying the fruit.

What is the white stuff in watermelon?

Watermelon seeds are held in place by whitish filaments, which sometimes cover part of the seed. Immature seeds are whit and sift. There is a layer of white, very crisp, tart whit flesh between the red ( or orange or yellow) sweet flesh of the watermelon.

Is milk bad for cats?

It is a common misconception that cats should be given milk regularly as a treat. The truth is that most cats are lactose intolerant so giving them cow’s milk can actually cause significant health issues.

Do they put red dye in watermelon?

Artificial dyes such as lead chromate, methanol yellow, red are often used to give melon an excellent red colour. Eating watermelon with these harmful chemicals can cause food poisoning. A lot of watermelons are cooked by carbide.

Can you burn a watermelon?

When watermelons burn, the rind can appear yellowed, which negatively affects the fruit’s appearance. The result is an unmarketable melon. “As a homeowner, if you had watermelons that were a little sunburned, they would taste OK,” Coolong said. “Sometimes, if they get a little sunburned, they’ll mature early.