How do you get strange coins from Xur?

How do you get strange coins from Xur?

There are several ways to get strange coins in Destiny

  1. Strikes, not just for coins, but also for weapon/armor drops.
  2. Complete Public Events.
  3. Nightfall Activities.
  4. Complete Crucible Events.
  5. Random Loot Chests.
  6. Patrols.

Does Xur still take strange coins?

Guardian, all you need to find Xur is right here at your fingertips. Xur, an Agent of the Nine, is a merchant within Destiny. Xur sells exotic weapons, armor, and consumables in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. As you well know, the better your gear, the better your chances against your enemy.

How do you get more strange coins in Destiny 2?

The best way to earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2 is by completing the Dares of Eternity 6-player activity. Each completion of the activity rewards players with one guaranteed Strange Coin, as well as a Treasure Key.

How many strange coins does XUR have?

seven Strange Coins
Xur will give you the Magnum Opus quest, which requires you to earn seven Strange Coins. After earning them, you can return to Starhorse in Eternity and acquire the Forerunner Exotic sidearm, the homage to the iconic Magnum pistol from Halo.

How do you get a treasure key from XUR?

You can get Treasure Keys — for picking up some sweet loot from Xur or unlocking some special anniversary cosmetics — from a handful of places. The first and most simple one is from the chest at the end of a Dares of Eternity run.

How much is DMT from Xur?

While it isn’t available in the exotic kiosk, it can be purchased from Xur on the weekend. Visit Xur, and you will find he now has another tab in his store. Hit the right arrow and you will find the Dead Man’s Tale there to buy. It costs 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Cipher and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Where is XUR today Destiny?

Xur can be found in a number of places; the Hall of Guardians, near Arcite 99-40, or in the North Tower, in front of the wooden doors. He can also be found in the Ship Wright area of The Tower near Dead Orbit Vendors. His location varies each weekend, so keep an eye and an ear out.

How many strange coins does Xur have?

How do you get treasure keys from XUR?

How do you get a treasure key?

To get Treasure Keys in Destiny 2, you’ll need to complete the Dares of Eternity challenge. This can be accessed by opening your Director and selecting Eternity, located to the bottom left of the Tower and directly underneath the Moon.