Who was in the wombo combo video?

Who was in the wombo combo video?

“Wombo Combo” is an internet meme from a December 2008 Melee doubles match that took place at the SCSA West Coast Circuit tournament. The match featured Jeff “SilentSpectre” Leung and Mitchell Tang on one team and Julian Zhu and Joey “Lucky” Aldama on the other.

Who did the wombo combo meme?

It is widely considered as an MLG-type meme on the internet. The original Wombo Combo video, uploaded by Lumpycpu on December 8th, 2008, has attained over 18 million views on YouTube, a testament to the enduring popularity of the video.

What does wombo combo mean?

‘WOMBO COMBO’ is a net slang that is mainly used when a combo that is worth watching is decided in fighting games or MOBA . Inverse of overseas media explains the history of how the term ‘WOMBO COMBO’ was born and established.

What happened in wombo combo?

Stemming from a doubles match in Super Smash Bros. Melee featuring commentary by HomeMadeWaffles, Phil, and Mango in response to a combo started by SilentSpectre and Tang against Zhu, the video later became an internet phenomenon, and one of the most famous videos in Smash history.

What is a wombo combo at Round Table?

Wombo Combo™ Primo pepperoni, Italian sausage, linguica, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green onions on zesty red sauce.

What happened in Wombo combo?

Can I sell Wombo art?

You can sell your Wombo creations as prints, or mint them as NFTs and sell them on the Wombo website.

Who is the oldest professional smash player?

Ken Hoang (born October 10, 1985), also known as SephirothKen or Liquid`Ken, is an American professional Super Smash Bros.

Who has beaten the five gods?

The Five Gods refers to the five players of the modern competitive era who are the highest ranking and most skilled players on the planet.

  • At Apex 2015, Leffen defeated Mew2King and became the first player to beat all five of the Gods in tournament.
  • Who invented wombo?

    Ben-Zion Benkhin – Founder & CEO – WOMBO.ai | LinkedIn.

    Can I sell wombo dream as NFT?

    Wombo is a great way to make some extra money. Wombo is working on the option to create a custom ERC-20 token with your artwork. This is a great option for artists who want to sell their art online! You can sell your Wombo creations as prints, or mint them as NFTs and sell them on the Wombo website.

    How does Wombo make money?

    Rather than making money through selling or using personal data, Wombo runs as a “freemium” service that pushes people to pay to sign up to get its full range of features. It costs £4.49 per month or £26.99 per year – with a free three-day trial – and gives faster processing and no ads.

    Why did ZeRo quit?

    On July 3, 2020, ZeRo announced that he would be retiring from professional competition following allegations of sending sexual messages to minors when he was 19, and that he would also be ending all of his sponsorships.