Did Chandler have a bachelor party?

Did Chandler have a bachelor party?

Monica feels bad about having had a bachelorette party so she organizes a bachelor party including a stripper for Chandler. Joey is the only “guest” at Chandler’s bachelor party because Chandler is embarrassed and doesn’t really want to have the party.

What did Paolo say Friends?

The Friends Guest Star Who Played Paolo Ad-Libbed His Swooniest Line. Buongiorno a tutti! Foreign languages came into play quite a bit onFriends; Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) turned out to be surprisingly multi-lingual, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) butchered his French lessons, and his little Nonnie didn’t speak a lick of English.

Who played the girl with the big head on Friends?

Anne Dudek
Born Anne Louise Dudek March 22, 1975 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Alma mater Northwestern University
Occupation Actress
Years active 2000–present

What did Jennifer Aniston do to her arm in season 9?

Jennifer Aniston cut her arm while filming the episode. As a result, she can be seen wearing a bandage in some of the scenes.

Who was Ross best man?

at first Ross chooses Joey to be his best man but after a mishap at his bachelor party, he decides he wants both Joey and Chandler as his best men.

Who was Chandler’s best man?

As it turns out Ross is Chandler’s best man with Rachel as Monica’s maid of honor while Joey gets ordained to marry them. While planning the bachelor party, Ross mentions having his last bachelor party in Pizza Hut.

Was Paolo on Friends really Italian?

Cosimo Massimo Fusco (born 23 September 1962) is an Italian actor.

What does Paolo say in Italian to Phoebe?

When asked about whether she speaks Italian by a shocked Joey, she stated that she “guessed so”. This brings up the possibility that Phoebe, in fact, understood everything that Paolo said, as, at a stretch, “You betcha” is an acceptable response to Paolo’s compliment.

Was Monica in Friends really fat?

The actor wore a fat suit to play the beloved character in flashback episodes of the sitcom, which aired between 1994 and 2004.

Did friends actually film in Barbados?

The Barbados episode? That was filmed at the Warner Brothers Studio. Las Vegas? Nope – studio.

Why does Jennifer Aniston wear a bandage in friends?

Jennifer Aniston cut her arm while filming the episode. As a result, she can be seen wearing a bandage in some of the scenes. When Rachel and Joey pretend to be pharmacists, Rachel picks up a name tag for Kate Miller. This is the same name as the actress Joey falls in love with in season three.

Who stole Ross wedding ring?

Watch the full episode online. Chandler and Joey compete to be best man at Ross’ wedding; Joey loses Ross’ treasured wedding ring; Phoebe suffers extreme mood swings because of her pregnancy.

Who Will Joey marry in Friends?

Alex Garrett She later becomes his girlfriend, and she is the first girl Joey has thought about marrying (discounting when he proposed to Phoebe and Rachel after hearing they were pregnant). They get engaged in Season 2 of Joey.

Does Paolo from Friends speak English?

Paolo was introduced in the very first season and, although he spoke very little English, he and Rachel – played by Jennifer Aniston – quickly hit it off, much to the annoyance of Ross Gellar. But things didn’t last long and Rachel dumped Paolo after he made a pass at Phoebe Buffay while she was giving him a massage.

What happened to Paulo from Friends?

Eventually Paolo makes a pass at Phoebe during a massage, consequently Rachel ending his relationship with him. He appears again in the second season, where Rachel sleeps with him because she felt depressed about Ross and Julie.