Who rap the song We Ready?

Who rap the song We Ready?

Arthur “Archie” Eversole
Arthur “Archie” Eversole, the Atlanta rapper best known for his 2002 hit “We Ready,” died April 3 after being shot at a gas station nine days earlier. He was 37.

Where did We Ready for y’all come from?

The chant comes from Archie Eversole’s 2002 hit We Ready featuring Bubba Sparxxx, with the lyrics reading: We ready We ready We ready For y’all (come […]

Where is Archie Eversole from?

GermanyArchie Eversole / Place of birth

What happened to the rapper Archie?

ATLANTA UNITED PAYS TRIBUTE TO ARCHIE EVERSOLE BEFORE MATCH The brothers lived together. According to prosecutors Krause broke into Eversole’s room the evening of March 25 and shot him. Medics rushed Eversole to Grady Memorial Hospital where he died nine days later.

What movie is the We Ready song from?

Music by Archie Eversole has been featured in the Hard Knocks soundtrack. Some of Archie Eversole’s most popular songs include We Ready (Remix) [feat. Bubba Sparxxx] [No. 2], which was featured in the Hard Knocks soundtrack.

What killed Archie Eversole?

MurderArchie Eversole / Cause of death
More Stories by Gil Kaufman. One week after “We Ready” rapper Archie Eversole (born Arthur Eversole) died of gunshot wounds from a March 25 shooting in the Atlanta area, the MC’s brother has been charged with his murder.

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Who killed Archie the rapper?

The suspect is currently in the DeKalb County Jail for Murder. The victim has been identified as Arthur Eversole and the suspect identified as Alexander Kraus.” Eversole was most known for his 2002 track “We Ready,” which has turned into one of the biggest sports anthems in recent history.

When did the song We Ready come out?

2002We Ready / Released

Who killed the we ready rapper?

“We Ready” rapper Archie Eversole shot, killed by his brother, DeKalb police say Police officials say that Arthur Eversole, better known as Archie Eversole, was shot on March 25 on Golf Vista Circle.

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