Did Brad Pitt do his own stunts in Troy?

Did Brad Pitt do his own stunts in Troy?

Brad Pitt and Eric Bana did not use stunt doubles for their epic duel. They made a gentlemen’s agreement to pay for every accidental hit; $50 for each light blow and $100 for each hard blow.

Is the movie Troy a true story?

But most scholars agree that Troy itself was no imaginary Shangri-la but a real city, and that the Trojan War indeed happened. Archaeologists who have been digging into the myth of Homer’s poem believe the legendary war may have been a process rather than a single event.

Is Brad Pitt an Achilles?

Brad Pitt, who also served as executive producer, starred as Achilles, the broody warrior whose invulnerability made battle ironically dull to watch. A centerpiece of the original story, in “Troy,” Achilles’ best friend and lover Patroclus (Garrett Hedlund) was made merely a cousin.

Did Brad Pitt have a leg double for Troy?

Producers of Pitt’s new film Troy – a Gladiator-style epic about the Trojan Wars – have hired a “leg double” for scenes in which Pitt, as Achilles, dons a leather skirt and knee-high boots. Parts of the £110million movie are being re-shot using a muscle-bound stand-in with “thighs like tree trunks”.

How did Brad Pitt tear his Achilles?

However, Brad Pitt still surfaced an injury while shooting a scene for Troy. He tweaked his Achilles’ tendon. The incident led to a delay in filming for several weeks but the actor recovered soon to resume production. The Achilles’ tendon is a tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.

Did Troy use CGI?

30 buildings were modeled in CG, each side featuring different details in order to multiply the possibilities. Another layer of variety was added with color patterns and some 25GB of textures. MPC modeled 30 buildings in CG to create the city of Troy.

Where did they shoot Troy?

Production. The city of Troy was built in the Mediterranean island of Malta at Fort Ricasoli from April to June 2003. Other important scenes were shot in Mellieħa, a small town in the north of Malta, and on the small island of Comino. The outer walls of Troy were built and filmed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Was Angelina Jolie in the movie Troy?

Amazon.com: Alexander / Troy (3 Dvd) : angelina jolie, brad pitt, oliver stone: Movies & TV.

Does Brad Pitt really smell like Pitt?

One such occasion came when sent to check out a rumor that the then newly famous Brad Pitt smelled due to a body odor problem. Tracing Brad down to a swanky restaurant where he was having lunch, I…

What does Brad Pitt like to do?

Brad Pitt is tough to decipher in film, but here’s what one journalist says he’s like in person. Nearly everyone loves Brad Pitt ‘s acting, and he’s well-known for his high-profile relationships. But one fan posed the question of what Brad is like in real life, and one journalist had an interesting answer.

What did Brad Pitt weigh in Fight Club?

When Brad started his training, he was 5’11” tall and weighed around 167 pounds. In Fight Club he got down to about 166 pounds and in Snatch he had a little more weight on his bodyand was closer to 8% body fat and looked a little bulkier. How much did Brad Pitt eat for Fight Club? Brad Pitt’s Fight Club diet was less than 2,000 calories a day.

What is Brad Pitt full name?

While Brad Pitt can still be correctly referred to as Brad Pitt, technically Brad isn’t his first name. The actor’s full name is William Bradley Pitt, after his father, William Alvin Pitt. So, even the name Brad is just a shortened version of his middle name.