Who is Meena Muthiah?

Who is Meena Muthiah?

Mrs Meena Muthiah was the recipient of the Living Craft Treasure Award for 2016-2017. This award was presented to her by Poombukar Government of Tamil Nadu for promoting the Tanjore Art Painting. She received a gold medal, a citation and a cheque for ₹ 1,00,000/-. Life Time Achievement Award by Womanation in 2017.

Who is the owner of Chettinad Vidyashram?

Meena Muthiah
Chettinad Vidyasharam is a co-educational, independent day school located in Chennai, India….Chettinad Vidyashram.

Chettinad Vidyashram Chennai
Founder Meena Muthiah
Principal S. Amudha Lakshmi
Enrollment 10000+

Who is Raja Muthiah?

Raja Sir Muttaiya Annamalai Muthiah Chettiar (5 August 1905 – 12 May 1984) was an Indian banker, politician, philanthropist, socialite and cultural activist who served as Mayor of Madras city (1933) and Minister of Excise and Education (1936–37) in the provincial government of Madras Presidency.

What is the fee structure in Rajah Muthiah Medical College?

28,04,370/- (Bond Breakage fee Rs. 5,00,000/- + First year fee Rs. 5,54,370/- + Remaining fee for the entire programme Rs. 17,50,000/-).

What is the old name of zoram medical college?

Mizoram Institute of Medical Education & Research
Zoram Medical College previously known as Mizoram Institute of Medical Education & Research is the first medical college in Mizoram, India….Zoram Medical College.

Former name Mizoram Institute of Medical Education & Research
Motto Learn and Serve
Type Medical Education Research institute
Established 7 August 2018

Is Mizoram Medical College private or government?

The state has established one new government medical college this year. This Top Private Medical Colleges in Mizoram is among the Best Medical Colleges in India….Zoram Medical College, Mizoram.

Location Falkawn, Mizoram
Year of Establishment 2018
Affiliated with Mizoram University
Approved by N.M.C.

Which is the best private medical college in Tamil Nadu?

Private Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu 2022

  • CMC Vellore – Christian Medical College.
  • SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Chennai.
  • SRMCRI Chennai – Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute.
  • PSGIMSR Coimbatore – PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research.

How many MBBS seats are there in Mizoram?

100 MBBS seats
A. Mizoram MBBS admission will be conducted based on marks in NEET 2022 exam. There are a total of 100 MBBS seats.

How many govt medical colleges are there in Mizoram?

one Government College
There is only one Government College approved by NMC in Mizoram.

How can I join Thanjavur Medical College?

The basic eligibility requirement for the MS course at Thanjavur Medical College is an MBBS degree from a recognized institute. Students also need to secure a positive score in the NEET PG examination.

How many seats are there in ZMC?

Total seats for MBBS admission in ZMC are 100 only, distribution of which is as below:Out of 100 seats, 15% is reserved for all India quota, 15% for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and foreign students, 70% is allotted for Mizoram state quota distributed among Category I, II, III as 94%, 4$ and 1% respectively as per …