How accurate is the M1A Socom 16?

How accurate is the M1A Socom 16?

The M1A SOCOM has the exact same action and mechanics, thus the dependability we have come to expect. From a bench, the author was able to effectively engage steel targets all the way out to 400 yards with nothing more than a 3 MOA red dot sight on his SOCOM 16 CQB.

Can you hunt with a Springfield M1A?

The M1A is not a rifle that is usually considered for hunting. Most often one sees it advertised for competition in the national matches or use as a tactical rifle for Law Enforcement. This is unfortunate as it has definite applications for hunting.

Is the M1A good for hunting?

What ammo is safe for M1A?

My SA M1A manual indicates it’s safe to fire both 308 and 762×51 NATO. My M14 manual states to ONLY use 762×51 NATO spec ammunition: 147-150gr M80 ball, 173 gr M118 match or the current 168 gr M852 match ammo. (there are some 308 options, but only if 762×51 NATO isn’t available.

What is the range of a Springfield M1A?

The M1A does great at the 600 yd range but starts to get somewhat iffy at the 1000 yd range.

Is the Springfield Armory M1A scout squad gas operated?

The Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad gas-operated rifle tames the recoil of the 7.62 cartridge to a positively manageable level. There are no ergonomic after-effects.

Is the M1A scout squad worth the hype?

M1A Scout Squad — Worth the Hype? A ccuracy, reliability and power are the three things that make a rifle feel worth holding and using — and the U.S. military M14 had all of these qualities. The M1A is a civilian-legal semi-auto rifle inspired by the U.S. Military’s M14 rifle.

How many rounds does the M1A scout squad hold?

Combining the latest in craftsmanship technique and the level of quality you’ve come to expect from a Springfield rifle, the M1A holds 10 rounds of 7.62×51 NATO/.308 WIN, packing enough punch to take down whatever you’re shooting at. How Does It Shoot? No matter how pretty the M1A Scout Squad might be, the real test is in the performance.

How much Moa should I expect from a scout M1A?

My M1A NM was a 1-1.5 rifle and this is with FGMM and handloads. With that being said I would expect 2-3 MOA from a Scout. Re: M1A ACCURACY EXPECTATION? If you do all the right stuff with good parts (good receiver,Krieger barrel,NM gas system mods,flash hider ream,spring guide and properly bed it) you can get them to do 1″ @ 100.