Which country has the best hostels?

Which country has the best hostels?

Hoscars 2015: ranking best hostels around the world

Continent Rank Country & city
1 Vietnam, Nha Trang
Asia 2 Japan, Tokyo
3 Taiwan, Taipei
1 Portugal, Lisbon

What is a Spanish hostel called?

A hostal is a type of lodging very common in Spain and Hispanic America. Hostals tend to be cheaper than hotels. They normally have a bar, restaurant or cafeteria where drinks and food are sold to guests and locals alike.

What is the biggest hostel in the world?

Hostel Trends and News Does anyone know what the largest hostel in the world is? There is a hostel in Copenhagen that apparently has over 1000 beds.

What is the best hostel in the world?

The world’s best hostels: and the ‘Hoscar’ goes to …

  • Soul Kitchen, St Petersburg, Russia.
  • Home Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Ostello Bello Grande, Milan, Italy.
  • The Freehand, Chicago, US.
  • Lub d Phuket, Patong, Thailand.
  • Goodmorning Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • The B.I.G., Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Mojzo Inn, Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Which hostel is the best movie?

According to IMDb, the Hostel movies are ranked from best to least-best as follows:

  • Hostel (2005) – 5.9/10.
  • Hostel: Part II (2007) – 5.5/10.
  • Hostel: Part III (2011) – 4.6/10.

What is the best place to stay in Spain?

Quick answer: The Best Hostels in Spain. The Best Hostel in Barcelona – Hostel One Sants. The Best Hostel in Madrid – Way Hostel. The Best Hostel in Seville – Sevilla One Centro Hostel. The Best Hostel in Malaga – The Urban Jungle Boutique Hostel. The Best Hostel in Valencia – Home Youth Hostel Valencia by Feetup Hostels.

Which is the best hostel in Granada?

Best Hostels in Granada, Spain 1 The Lemon Rock (Granada) If you want cool vibes, stay at The Lemon Rock. 2 Eco Hostel (Granada) This design hostel with an Eco mind set is a great option if you are traveling solo around Spain. 3 Makuto Backpackers House (Granada)

Which hostel in Spain has the best tapas?

We recommend Alcazaba Premium Hostel for couples and families. Cordoba, the cute city between Seville and Granada, has not only the best free tapas in Spain, but also a couple of lovely hostels. Important: Do not get confused with the Cordoba in Argentina.

Why stay in a hostel in Spain?

Many hostels offer free activities that will have you snorkelling with turtles and swimming in rock pools. Some hostels in Spain even offer free paella and sangria for a truly authentic Spanish experience on a budget. Spain’s regional diversity means backpackers and travellers are spoilt for choice.