What materials are used in Art Deco?

What materials are used in Art Deco?

Art deco materials included stucco, concrete, smooth-faced stone, and terra cotta. Steel and aluminum were often used along with glass blocks and decorative opaque plate glass (vitrolite).

What is Art Deco textiles?

Textile design and art deco patterns complemented the architecture and the other decorative arts. It was strongly rhythmic, achieved through bold motifs and tight repeats. Colour too was bold; it was most often flat, with strong contrasts in clean shapes.

How do interior designers do art deco?

Art Deco interior designs often include mirrored surfaces, which work with the metallic details and elements to increase the sense of light and space in a room. A mirror that has a geometric or sunbeam shape will have strong links with the Deco movement, and will act as a focal point in the room.

How do I decorate my Art Deco on a budget?

These Are Our Favorite Ways to Achieve Art Deco Decorating on a Budget

  1. Add a geometric design to cabinetry with wood trim.
  2. Place an art deco mirror over your home bar.
  3. Use gold hardware and spray paint to add a vintage touch.
  4. Make an art deco backsplash using stick-on tiles.
  5. Upholster your bed frame with velvet.

What material was typically used for Art Deco furniture?

Materials. The materials typical of Art Deco furnishing are wood, lacquer, marble, and metal. You may find some designer pieces with plastic details on them or bold animal skin, which was a sign of pure opulence.

Is Victorian An Art Deco?

Transitional Pieces Between Art Nouveau and Art Deco The period between Victorian (Art Nouveau is essentially a subset of the Victorian era, which lasted from 1837-1901) and post-World War I design featuring Art Deco elements was bridged by the Edwardian era.

What Colours were most popular in Art Deco?

The colors of the art deco period are striking and bold. Colors are often paired or punctuated with high-shine silver, chrome, or black accents. Favorite colors of the era include bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues, and pinks.

How can you tell if furniture is Art Deco?

With respect to the Art Deco style itself, it is recognizable by several distinguishing features:

  1. Intricate wood inlays.
  2. Symmetrical or angular lines.
  3. Long, smooth, and sweeping curves.
  4. Lavishness – bold colours, patterns, and prints.
  5. Themes e.g.: animals, V-shapes, stars, sunbursts.