Which caste is Vanjari?

Which caste is Vanjari?

All traditions of Vanjari are similar to Maratha community in Maharashtra also some surnames or kul are similar to Marathas. However some of surnames of vanjari are not matching with any other caste in Maharashtra. Many Vanjari kuls or surnames are found in Gujjar and Jaat community in Rajasthan Haryana and Gujrath.

Is Vanjari caste Kshatriya?

They are originally Kshatriyas. Along with being travelers,they are mighty and fierce warrior group. Also in Rashtramata Jijau’s native place –Sindhkhed Raja, thousands of Vanjari youth were part of Shivaji Maharaj’s army.

What is the meaning of Vanjari?

‘Vanjari’ were nomadic traders who were actively engaged in carrying grains and supplies of commodity goods for armies with the help of bullock carts. It is assumed that they probably came from Deccan along with the Mugals in 17th Century.

Is Vanjari and Banjara same?

It says that Vanjari and Banjara are two separate castes. The Vanjari community is mentioned in the list of Other Backward Classes and the Banjara community is mentioned in the list of Denotified Tribes.

Which surname comes under Vanjari?

Banjara Gothr/Jath

Rathod/Bhukya — (27)
Aaloth Bhaanaavath Degaavath
Ajmera Baadaavath Bhagvaandas
Bharoth Bodaa Dungaroth
Gangaavath Goraam Halaavath

Where is Vanjari from?

Vanjari (caste), a nomadic tribe with origins in Rajasthan or northern India.

What caste is Mali?

Mali caste of Maharashtra classified under Other Backward Class (OBC) and therefore qualify for quotas set for OBC groups in jobs, education and local government under affirmative action or reservation schemes.

Are Vanjari is in Rajasthan?

… Banjari or Vanjari (also called Labhani), originally from Rajasthan and related to the Roma (Gypsies) of Europe, roams over large areas of central India and the Deccan, largely as agricultural labourers and construction workers. Many tribal peoples practice similar occupations seasonally.

Is Banjara high caste?

They were designated as an Other Backward Class in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat,Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, and as a Scheduled Caste in Karnataka, Delhi and Punjab( SC for Bazigar, Badi and Banjara and OBC for Lambana,Labana, Lambani, Vanzara and Lohana) .

What is the caste of Rathod?

The Rathore is a Rajput clan found in Northern India.

What is NT caste?

See NT stands for Nomadic Tribes. It is the community which gets reservation under OBC quota in Maharashtra. There are four sub-categories for Nomadic Tribes (NT) and that are NT-A, NT-B, NT-C and NT-D. Sometimes these are also called NT-1, NT-2, NT-3 and NT-4 respectively.

What caste is Sahu?

The Sahu people in Maharashtra belong to the Marwari caste, and migrated from Bundelkhand mainly to the Vidarbha region. They trace their origin to Karmabai who lived in the Jagannath Temple in Puri. There are also people with the surname Sahu belonging to the Halua Brahmin caste in Odisha.

Is Sahu a OBC caste?

The Madhya Pradesh government in consensus with the central government has marked sahus in M.P. (then Chattisgarh) as non OBC based on the flourished nature of the community and have declined further certificates to sahus as OBC.

Is Mali a Rajput?

Rajput Mali ( Sainik Kshatriya ) and also called Mandorva Rajput is a distinctive ethnic group from Marwar, Rajasthan.

What caste is Rathod?

Rathod is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat.

Are Banjaras Rajputs?

Banjaras originally belong to Rajasthan and they were Rajputs[citation needed] who migrated to southern parts of India for trade and agriculture. They settled down in the southern or central area of the country and slowly loosened contacts with Rajasthan, and their original community.

What is the caste of Vanjari in Rajasthan?

However some of surnames of vanjari are not matching with any other caste in Maharashtra. Many Vanjari kuls or surnames are found in Gujjar and Jaat community in Rajasthan Haryana and Gujrath. For example, Karaad , Bangar, Nagar or Nagare, Palve or Palav, Mundhe or Mundhan etc surnames are found in gujjar and vangujjar.

What are the surnames of vanjaries in Thane?

Thane Vanjaries are settled in 24 Villages in Thane District Viz. Bandhan, Boisar, Dapoli, Dedale, Dhuktan, Eklare, Gundavali, Kalovlee, Kambalgao, Kolgaon, Kolwade, Kondan, Kumbhavali, Kurgaon, Manor-Ambhan, Maswan, Morekuran, Murabe, Pam, Parnali, Patharali, Tembhi, Uparale, Vengani. Our surnames are like Sankhe,Pimple,Patil,Vade,Bore.

What is the origin of the Maratha surname Vanjari?

However Basic origin of vanjari community is found in gujjar and Jaats. Also many Maratha surnames like Pawar, Chavan, Shisode, Nikam, Taur, Kuwar, Bhambre, Deore, More, Shelar, Rane, Jadhav and many more are matching with Surnames of Rajputs (and rarely with gujjar and Jaats also).

Are Vanjari and Banjara castes the same?

Many authors tried to conclude that both the castes are one same, but it not the fact. Vanjari community is having mother tongue as Marathi and Banjara mother tongue is mixed rajsathani and Marathi,i.e.Lamani or Banjari language.