What languages are most in danger of disappearing?

What languages are most in danger of disappearing?

10 endangered languages that risk extinction

  • Hawaian – Critically endangered.
  • Potawatomi – Critically endangered.
  • Ume Saami – Critically endangered.
  • Tlicho (Dogrib) – Vulnerable.
  • Ainu (Hokkaido) – Critically endangered.
  • Mudburra – Severely endangered.
  • Chemehuevi – Critically endangered.
  • Kamang – Vulnerable.

Which language is closest to extinction?

The 15 languages that could soon be extinct

  • Resígaro. In 2016, Rosa Andrade Ocagane, the last female speaker of the Amazonian language was murdered in Peru at age 67.
  • Chulym. Russia’s 2010 census revealed just 44 speakers of the Chulym Turks’ language.
  • Mudburra.
  • Patwin.
  • Ainu.
  • Chamicuro.
  • Vod.
  • Chemehuevi.

Is the English language dying?

With about one language disappearing every two weeks, Dr Dalby, author of Language in Danger and honorary fellow and the Institute of Linguistics, predicts that that the 3,000 languages currently in danger will no longer be spoken by the 22nd century. Europe alone has 50 threatened and severely endangered languages.

What is the silliest language?

Chalcatongo Mixtec
And it was determined that the weirdest language, spoken by a total population of 6,000 people worldwide, is Chalcatongo Mixtec. Chalcatongo Mixtec is spoken mainly in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is considered the weirdest language because it is the most unique when compared to the other languages spoken throughout the world.

What will be the future language?

Here’s the thing: the data suggests that French language just might be the language of the future. French isn’t mostly spoken by French people, and hasn’t been for a long time now. The language is growing fast, and growing in the fastest-growing areas of the world, particularly sub-Saharan Africa.

What is the rarest language spoken?

Akorbi Lists Some of the Rarest Languages Still Spoken Today

  • Sarsi. Sarsi (also known as Sarcee), is a Native American language related to Navajo.
  • Dumi. Even rarer than Sarsi is Dumi, with only eight known speakers in the world.
  • Pawnee.
  • Chamicuro.
  • Kawishana.
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