What time do parking restrictions end Edinburgh?

What time do parking restrictions end Edinburgh?

Parking in Central Zones (generally the City Centre and West End) is free between 18.30 – 6.30 Monday to Saturday. Parking in Peripheral and Extended Zones (such as Bruntsfield, Marchmont, and the New Town) is free between 17:30 – 8:30 Monday to Friday and all day on Saturdays.

What time do parking wardens start in Edinburgh?

The hours of restriction within the central controlled zone (permit zones 1-4) are 8:30am to 6:30pm Mon to Sat.

Where can you park for free in Edinburgh?

Five places you can park for free in Edinburgh city centre

  • St Margaret’s Loch. St Margaret’s Loch in Edinburgh with the car park in the background (Image: Jim Barton / Creative Commons)
  • Tesco Canonmills.
  • Meadowbank Shopping Centre.
  • Waitrose Comely Bank.
  • Pilrig Street and surrounds.

Can you park on single yellow in Edinburgh?

There are parking bays in most street which you can park up to 4 hours and the Car parks below longer periods. Parking From 18.30 on Saturday until 12.30 p.m. Sunday is free of charge on the street bays, and parking is also allowed on single yellow lines free of charge during these times.

Is parking in Edinburgh free after 6pm?

Free Parking in Edinburgh after 6pm and on Sundays. Free Parking in central Edinburgh can be had in many locations after 6 pm and often all day on Sundays. Please remember to check the sign before leaving your vehicle in the restricted parking zones in Edinburgh.

What time can you park on a single yellow line in Edinburgh?

Can you park on a single yellow line on a Sunday in Edinburgh?

Can you park on a single yellow on a Sunday in Edinburgh?

Do parking wardens have targets?

Penalty Charge Notices If you receive a PCN, you can view images of the contravention if you have the PCN reference and the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM). Civil Enforcement Officers don’t have targets or incentives. They only issue PCNs to vehicles parked or driving illegally.

Where can I park overnight in Edinburgh?

Free Overnight Parking near Edinburgh

  • Merchiston Grove.
  • Lyne Street.
  • Arboretum Road – North End Only.
  • Ravelston Dykes.
  • Dalmeny Street.
  • Hermiston Park And Ride.
  • Ferrytoll Park & Ride.
  • Ingliston Park And Ride.

How long can I park on a single yellow line in Edinburgh?

Can you park overnight in Edinburgh?

Overnight parking is available at many secure locations across Edinburgh, with most car parks operating 24 hours a day – but this can prove to be quite expensive, with fares starting at around £20 for 24 hours.

Can I park on single yellow lines Edinburgh?

What time can you park for free in Edinburgh?

All unmarked streets (i.e. no line drawn) are FREE to park. Residents permit holder only parking areas (with dashed line) are operating between 9:30am to 11:00am (1.5 hours) weekdays. Weekend (11am Friday onward) is free to park everywhere around.