What is the top spec BMW 3 Series?

What is the top spec BMW 3 Series?

Best BMW 3 Series Saloon deals At the top of the range, meanwhile, the powerful M340i xDrive, with its 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine, is probably the best choice if power and performance are your number one priority. The diesel-powered M340d isn’t quite as powerful, but it is nearly as fast.

Should I buy 320i or 330i?

The fundamental difference between the 320i and 330i is how it approaches BMW’s Ultimate Driving Machine philosophy. Both offer a comfortable, sporting ride, but with the 320i, the goal is to offer an accessibly-priced luxury cruiser, while the 330i offers a balance between that and more aggressive performance.

Is 320i and 330i same engine?

Powertrain – Same engine, different outputs While the BMW 320i may share its 2.0-litre B48 four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with the 330i, the cheaper model makes do with less power – 184 PS from 5,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm and 300 Nm from 1,350 rpm till 4,000 rpm.

Is BMW 330i bigger than 320i?

The 320i comes with an 8.8-inch touchscreen, which hosts the controls and infotainment. On the other hand, the 330i has a large 10.25-inch screen. The systems on 320i run on the BMW Operating System 6.0 while the 330i runs on Operating System 7.0. Both systems support Apple Carplay and Android 2.0.

Is the BMW 320Cd convertible a good car?

The BMW 3-Series 320Cd Convertible was one of the first diesel powered convertibles and impressed drivers with its combination of pulling power low in the rev range and muted engine note. Not perfect but the economy is much appreciated by fans of open top cars who needto cover high mileages.

Is the BMW 325ci convertible a good car?

BMW 325Ci Convertible strikes an almost perfect balance of performance and economy. It may not be an M3 but is plenty quick enough for most of us with its classic BMW straight-six engine up front. Handling is finely balanced and the normally aspirated engine offers good economy for its power output.

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