What is the prize of 750 Bond?

What is the prize of 750 Bond?

1st prize of the 750 Rs. prize bond of value 1,500,000 PKR is awarded to 1 lucky winner, while second prize of the 750 prize bond of amount Rs. 500,000 is awarded to 3 lucky winners. The last & third prize of the 750 prize bond is given to 1696 winners of amount Rs. 9,300/- each.

What is the price of 750 bond in Pakistan?

750 Prize bond is 15,00,000. The second prize is Rs. 500,000 which has total 3 prizes, and third prize is Rs. 9300, which has total 1696 prizes.

What is the second prize of 750 Bond?

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Draw 90 Karachi Result 15 April 2022

Bond Worth City Second Prize
Rs 750 Karachi 500,000 PKR

What is the first prize of 750 Bond 2021?

Muhammad Noman

Bond Worth City First Prize
Rs 750 Rawalpindi 1,500,000 PKR

How do I check my Prize Bonds?

The purchaser of the Prize Bond can check out the online search bar available on the page. You just have to select the denomination of amount, enter the prize bond number in the respective bar, select series search, and submit. You will get the prize bond list result online instantly for your number.

What is the tax on Prize Bonds in Pakistan?

15% of the gross amount.

Is 750 bond banned in Pakistan?

In April 2021, the finance ministry announced that national prize bonds of denominations Rs7,500 and Rs15,000 shall not be sold.

How do I check my prize bonds?

What is the first prize of 750 bond?

Prize Details

Prize Bond First Prize Third Prize
Rs. 750 1 prize of Rs. 1,500,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 9,300 each
Rs. 1,500 1 prize of Rs. 3,000,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 18,500 each
Rs. 7,500 1 prize of Rs. 15,000,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 93,000 each
Rs. 15,000 1 prize of Rs. 30,000,000 1696 prizes of Rs. 185,000 each

Does prize bond expire in Pakistan?

KARACHI: The prize bonds of various denominations issued by the government of Pakistan are expiring on June 30, 2022.