What is the minimum spend at Potato Head Beach Club?

What is the minimum spend at Potato Head Beach Club?

Potato Head Beach Club Minimum spending fee: Only applies when making use of the daybeds. (Rp. 500,000 for poolside daybeds and Rp. 1,000,000 for beachfront daybeds.

Do you have to pay for Potato Head Beach Club?

There is no entrance fee to enter the beach club.

How do you book the Potato Head Beach Club?

You can make a reservation online at seminyak.potatohead.co or by calling +62 361 4737979.

What beach is Potato Head on?

Potato Head Beach Club’s beautiful site is located in Seminyak, Bali’s premier destination and was designed by the acclaimed Indonesian architect Andra Matin.

Is Finns Beach Club free entry?

Review of Finns Beach Club. Description: With the choice of 4 pools, 7 bars (including 2 swim-up pool bars), 5 restaurants, daily DJs, live Vocalists, stunning sunsets and night surfing, Finns Beach Club offers it all across 170m of absolute oceanfront at the famous Berawa surf break.

Who owns Potato Head Beach Club?

entrepreneur Ronald Akili
Now known as Desa Potato Head (“desa” means village in Indonesian), the area comprises two hotels alongside the beach club – the all-suite Katamama and the 168-key Potato Head Studios. The man behind it all is none other than Jakarta-born, Singapore-based entrepreneur Ronald Akili.

Who owns potatohead Bali?

Ronald Akili
Ronald Akili, founder of Indonesian hospitality and lifestyle brand Potato Head, chats about his entrepreneurship journey, his commitment to mindfulness, as well as his favourite spots in Singapore, where he is now based.

Why is it called Potato Head Bali?

“We wanted to name it something catchy, something fun, hence Potato Head.”

What can you do at Desa Potato Head?


  • Under The Rising Sun.
  • Under The Rising Moon.
  • Yoga Flow.
  • Jamu Bar.
  • Potato Head Athletic Training.
  • Kids Workout.
  • Desa Workout.
  • What should I wear to Finns Beach Club?

    For Males T-shirt, shorts/boardshorts and thongs/ sandals minimum dress (smart casual). For Females: Shirt, blouse, shorts, sarong and footwear (smart casual). 34.3 Dress standards also apply in Finns Beach Club Restaurant and Lounge from 6pm until close.

    Who owns Finns Beach Club Bali?

    Founded in 2009 by Australian Tony Smith and Bali-Local Ketut Subina, Finns Bali is the owner and operator of 16 renowned lifestyle brands— including Finns Beach Club, a top tourist destination for more than one million guests annually—employing more than 1,000 local staff in Canggu.

    Who designed Potato Head Bali?

    Potato Head Studios, designed by OMA / David Gianotten and commissioned by Potato Head, completes in Seminyak, Bali.

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