What is the meaning of Flense?

What is the meaning of Flense?

to strip of blubber or skin
Definition of flense transitive verb. : to strip of blubber or skin flense a whale.

What does the term cinereous mean?

Definition of cinereous 1 : gray tinged with black. 2 : resembling or consisting of ashes.

What does Tropho mean in science?

Tropho- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “nourishment.” It is often used in scientific terms, especially in biology and zoology. Tropho- comes from the Greek trophḗ, meaning “nourishment, food.”

Is Flens a word?

v.t. flensed, flens•ing. 1. to strip the blubber or skin from (a whale, seal, etc.). 2. to strip off (blubber or skin). flens′er, n.

What does a Whittawer do?

The definition of whittawer in the dictionary is a person who converts skins into white leather, a tawer.

Is sceneries a word?

Scenery is an uncountable noun. Don’t talk about ‘sceneries’ or ‘a scenery’.

What does Troph mean in biology?

Updated on January 21, 2020. The affixes (troph and -trophy) refer to nourishment, nutrient material, or the acquisition of nourishment. It is derived from the Greek trophos, which means one who nourishes or is nourished.

Is Vago a word?

a combining form with the meaning “vagus nerve,” used in the formation of compound words: vagotomy.

Is Flens a Scrabble word?

No, flen is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is a Whittawing?

noun. The action or practice of treating hide to make whitleather.

What is opera scenery?

Painted screens, backdrops, hangings, etc., used on the stage to represent places and surroundings in a play, opera, etc. noun. 9. 5. Scenery is defined as the features of landscape that exist in a certain area, or painted sets created to represent places and surroundings in theatre productions.

What does have a chat mean?

to have a friendly talk with someone
Meaning. to have a friendly talk with someone.

What is Morphosis used for?

noun, plural mor·pho·ses [mawr-foh-seez]. Biology. the sequence or manner of development or change in an organism or any of its parts.

What does Troph mean in heterotroph?

The word heterotroph comes from the Greek words hetero meaning “other ” and troph meaning “feeding.”

What does Troph mean in autotroph?

An autotroph is a plant that can make its own food. Autotroph is a biological term that breaks down to mean “self-” (auto-) “nourishing” (troph).