What is Greyhound customer service number?

What is Greyhound customer service number?

(214) 849-8100Greyhound Lines / Customer service

Does Greyhound go to Canada?

DALLAS (OCT 26, 2021) – Greyhound, the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America, announced the return of service to Canada following the reopening of the United States-Canada border. Starting today, customers can officially book tickets for trips taking place on November 8 and beyond.

Can I change the date on my Greyhound ticket?

If you are unable to travel on your scheduled departure date, you can contact Greyhound directly at +1 (800) 231-2222 and change your ticket for a $20.00 fee prior to the date of departure. Changes only include the date and time of the trip, not the departure or arrival locations.

Can I cross the Canadian border by bus?

When you cross the border from Canada into the U.S. you’ll need your passport or proof of citizenship, which will be checked before you get on the bus. A word of warning: If you don’t have the correct documents for your trip, you won’t be allowed to board the bus because you would be denied entry at the border.

Are there buses that go to Canada?

Greyhound, the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America, has long served as an affordable option for travelers looking to get from point A to point B, with service to more than 1,600 cities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

How do I get in touch with megabus?

[email protected] and we’ll aim to get back to you within 72 hours. If your query is about an existing megabus booking, please remember to give us your booking reference number when you first contact us.

Can you use a megabus ticket for a different time?

As long as it’s more than 3 hours before your scheduled departure, you can trade in your reservation online. Here’s how: 1. Visit megabus.com, click on “change trip” and enter your order or reservation number along with your email address.

What happens if you miss Greyhound?

If you think you’re going to be late, call and reschedule. because if you miss the bus, the time of departure passes, it was a few days ago, etc. Your ticket expires.

How long does a Greyhound refund take?

How Long Does Greyhound Refund Take? The refund time can vary, and it can take from four to six weeks. It can take even longer than that, so do not be surprised if you have not received your refund by that time.

Why did Greyhound go out of business?

The company reported an operating loss of $12 million in fiscal year 2021 and a loss of $15 million in fiscal year 2020. Competition from low-cost airlines and a combination of increased automobile access and low fuel prices in recent years have also led to mounting headwinds for the bus operator.