What is the fine for cutting down a protected tree?

What is the fine for cutting down a protected tree?

What happens if I work on a protected tree without permission? The courts have powers to fine anyone contravening a Tree Preservation Order. The maximum fine is £20,000 for destroying a tree and up to £2,500 for anyone who does not completely destroy a tree but has carried out some other works without consent.

How do you find if a tree has a TPO?

Local authority maps. Some local authorities have maps you can check to see if a tree or wood has a TPO or is in a Conservation Area. If no map or list is available, or if there is any doubt, speak to your local authority’s tree officer or equivalent.

What is the felling of a tree?

Felling involves cutting a standing tree and dropping it in the place you want it. Limbing is the removal of the branches from either standing or downed trees. Bucking is the process of cutting a downed tree into appropriate lengths.

What is forest felling?

cutting down and removing trees from a forest to obtain timber and to renew, improve, and increase the productivity of a forest.

Can I just chop a tree down?

You will need permission to fell or prune a tree in your garden or land if: It is covered by a tree preservation order – you will require permission from your local authority. It is within a designated conservation area – you are required to notify your local authority to get permission.

Can I just cut down a tree in my garden?

Is it legal to cut down a tree on your property in UK?

Without permission, it’s an offence to cut down, uproot or wilfully destroy any trees: subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) in a Conservation Area. over 5 cubic metres in volume (whether an individual tree or several smaller trees).

What time of year can trees be felled?

Generally speaking it is best to do this job once the leaves have fallen off in autumn but before new growth appears in spring. It is this in-between stage which is the most sensible time to cut trees back and attend to any pruning which may be required.

Is it illegal to cut down trees on your own property UK?

Do I need permission to cut down a tree or remove branches on my property in the UK? If you own your home, one does not need permission to cut down a tree that is solely in your garden, unless it has been designated as needing preservation through the Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area.

What time of year can you cut trees down?

As a general rule, if a tree is pruned before the spring growth flush, the tree’s growth will be maximised and the wounds will close faster – therefore pruning in late autumn or winter is best, when the tree is dormant.

How much does tree removal cost UK?

Average tree removal costs

Tree removal costs – Job type Range – Low Range – High
Tree felling £300 £3000
Large oak at height with team £1000 £3000
Medium birch tree with medium team £500 £800
Day rate per person £250 £400

What trees can be cut down without permission UK?

The only time tree work can proceed in a Conservation Area without council permission is when it involves cutting down, lopping, topping or uprooting a tree that has a diameter less than 75mm, or cutting down or uprooting a tree with a diameter less than 100mm so as to improve the growth of another tree.