What is the British Rail logo called?

What is the British Rail logo called?

the National Rail Double Arrow
The British Rail Double Arrow, now officially known as the National Rail Double Arrow, is a logo that was created for British Rail (BR), the then state-owned operator of Britain’s railway network, in 1965. It is now used as part of the National Rail brand used for Britain’s passenger rail services.

What does the British Rail logo mean?

The British Rail Double Arrow logo was formed of two interlocked arrows showing the direction of travel on a double track railway and was nicknamed “the arrow of indecision”.

What Colour is British Rail Green?

Matthews Paint British Railways Green / 16333 / #316948 Hex Color Code. The hexadecimal color code #316948 is a medium dark shade of green-cyan. In the RGB color model #316948 is comprised of 19.22% red, 41.18% green and 28.24% blue.

When did British Rail Go Blue?

The first break in the uniformity of Rail Blue came in 1976 with the introduction of the first InterCity 125 (HST).

Can I use the British Rail logo?

Reproduction of any part of this website without prior permission is prohibited. Please note the British Rail (‘double arrow’) symbol is a registered trade mark in the name of the Secretary of State for the Department for Transport.

What Colours are on trains?

Railway Colours

  • BR Colours. BR Blue. BR Green. BR Mk1 Blood (Crimson)
  • GWR Colours. GWR Green. GWR Brown. GWR Cream.
  • LMS Colours. LMS Crimson Lake. Coronation Blue.
  • LNER Colours. LNER Doncaster Green. LNER Darlington Green.
  • Southern Colours. SR Ashford Olive. SR Eastleigh Olive.
  • Pullman Colours. Pullman Cream. Pullman Umber.

What is BR green?

Specifications. British Railways Locomotive Green. The Standard Green used for steam, diesel and electric locomotives from 1954 until replaced by Rail Blue (P132) in 1966. Used in conjunction with P104 Lining Orange and P135 Signal Red for buffer beams and between the frames.

Is British Rail National Rail?

Trading as British Rail from 1965, the company was privatised between 1994 and 1997 and was succeeded by National Rail. The double arrow logo is still used by National Rail in their brand to this day.

Is BR logo copyrighted?

Please note the British Rail (‘double arrow’) symbol is a registered trade mark in the name of the Secretary of State for the Department for Transport.

Why train colour is different?

– Red colour coaches are used on the ICF air-conditioned train. – Green colour coaches are used on Garib Rath train. – Brown colour coaches are used on the Meter Gauge train. – Bilimora Waghai Passenger, a narrow gauge train uses light green coaches, though it also uses brown colourful coaches.

What colour is GWR Brown?

Re: Correct brown for GWR brown vehicles Which is a dark / earth shade of Umber. The degree of varnish applied to non passenger stock would effect the colour tone of the brown, making it richer, or dull earthy shade. Windsor Brown is adding black / blue to produce a very dark, almost black shade.

Which country had the first railway?

The first public railway in the world was the Lake Lock Rail Road, a narrow gauge railway built near Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. The first use of steam locomotives was in Great Britain. As noted above, its earliest “railways” followed straight lines and were built using parallel timber rails.