What carrier does kajeet use?

What carrier does kajeet use?

Sentinel Platform Sentinel is the foundation behind Kajeet’s wireless solutions.

What is kajeet cell phone?

The company partners with more than 375 schools and districts to provide mobile broadband to low-income students. Kajeet uses Sprint’s network and offered kid-friendly services for tweens and teens as well as controls for parents looking to monitor and limit their children’s mobile usage.

Who owns kajeet?

Daniel Neal

Type Private
Headquarters McLean, VA, United States (Corporate headquarters)
Key people Daniel Neal, CEO & Founder, Ben Weintraub, COO & Founder
Products Wireless communication using CDMA
Website http://www.kajeet.net/

What is a kajeet hotspot?

The Kajeet SmartSpot®, a portable Mi-Fi hotspot, combined with the innovative Sentinel® cloud portal, enables administrators and teachers to provide CIPA-compliant, customizable filtered Internet access that keeps students focused on school work and without worry of data abuse.

What is kajeet Sentinel?

Kajeet Sentinel® is the innovative, award-winning cloud platform that powers Kajeet solutions and enables filtering, management, visibility, and analytics. Sentinel was created for busy professionals and educators, who need quick, intelligible insights to manage all aspects of their connectivity program(s).

How much does kajeet cost per month?

Each district may order as many devices as they want. The statewide order minimum is 10,000 devices. How much do the devices cost? Each hotspot costs $260 for a 12-month term.

What does kajeet do?

Founded in 2003, Kajeet is a managed IoT connectivity services provider. We provide nearly 3,000 global businesses and public sector entities with reliable connectivity, robust security, and comprehensive management and support services. We also build, install, and manage private wireless networks.

How much is a kajeet hotspot?

$18/month. Single-student Education Broadband plan, no monthly limit.

Why is my kajeet SmartSpot not working?

Once you run out of data, the SmartSpot will no longer work and you will be unable to complete your school work. All activity on the SmartSpot is monitored. Inappropriate web browsing may result in discontinuance of device usage. Make sure the SmartSpot is powered on.

How do I turn on Kajeet hotspot?

To Your Kajeet SmartSpot Make sure the Kajeet SmartSpot is powered on. If the device has gone to sleep, press the power button once to wake it up. 2. On your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other Wi-Fi enabled device, select the Kajeet SmartSpot Wi-Fi network name (ex.

What is the difference between Sprint and Kajeet cell phones?

The cell phones’ software remains exactly the same as it is on the Sprint versions, save for one primary difference: the Kajeet Navigator application. Essentially a sleek and colorful Web portal, the Kajeet Navigator provides access to a slew of music ringtones, wallpapers, and games.

Why choose Kajeet?

Kajeet helps your business digitally transform and successfully launch, scale, and manage your IoT applications— no matter your industry, location, or solution. See why nearly 3000 businesses and organizations connect with Kajeet. The #1 industry leader for student WiFi solutions.

What phones are compatible with the sprint backbone?

Kajeet utilizes the Sprint backbone to deliver its service. It is compatible with a variety of previously Sprint-only handsets that can be purchased directly from Kajeet, including the Sanyo 2700, the Samsung M300, and the LG 125.

What is Sentinel by Kajeet?

Kajeet’s Sentinel platform and solutions allow you to increase security and productivity with application, URL, IP, and website blocking on a private network. Easily manage device networks and data usage remotely with policy controls. Reduce connectivity costs with shared data across all your devices and networks.