What is Oracle Access Manager used for?

What is Oracle Access Manager used for?

Oracle Access Manager helps your enterprise facilitate delivery of corporate functions to extended groups of employees, customers, partners, and suppliers; maintain a high level of security across applications; enable users and business partners to access the information they need.

What is Oracle Advanced Queuing 12c?

Oracle Advanced Queuing. Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) is a database-integrated messaging infrastructure in Oracle Database 12c. AQ leverages the functionality of the Oracle database to store messages in persistent queues.

What does Oracle Access mean?

Oracle Access Management Overview. Oracle Access Management is part of the Oracle Identity Management pillar. Oracle Identity Management enables organizations to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources, both within and beyond the firewall and into the cloud.

What is Oracle Virtual Directory?

What is Oracle Virtual Directory? Oracle Virtual Directory is an LDAP service that provides a single, abstracted view of enterprise directory servers and databases from a variety of vendors. Oracle Virtual Directory can serve as a single source of truth in an environment with multiple data sources.

What is JMS in Oracle?

It defines a common enterprise messaging API that is designed to be easily and efficiently supported by a wide range of enterprise messaging products. JMS supports both messaging models: point-to-point (queuing) and publish-subscribe. JMS was defined to allow Java application to use enterprise messaging systems.

What is DBMS_AQ?

The DBMS_AQ package provides an interface to Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing (AQ). See Also: Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing User’s Guide. Oracle Streams AQ TYPEs for information about TYPE s to use with DBMS_AQ.

What is OAM and OID in Oracle?

A quick introduction to Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) and Oracle Internet Directory (OID). Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Oracle Access Manager is a J2EE application typically deployed on a dedicated managed server in a Weblogic (Application Server) clustered environment.

What is LDAP in OIM?

With OIM 11g, a new feature called LDAP synchronization was introduced. OIM uses this feature to synchronize its users and roles base to a LDAP system. This synchronization is bidirectional and it uses scheduled jobs/reconciliation engine to pull changes from LDAP and event handlers to push data to LDAP.

What is the difference between Data Masking and encryption?

Encryption is used to protect sensitive data, such as payment card information (PCI), personally identifiable information (PII), financial account numbers, and more. Data masking, also called data obfuscation, is a data security technique to hide original data using modified content.

What is the difference between masking and redaction?

Data Redaction vs Data Masking While data redaction is the process of removing certain pieces of sensitive or personally identifiable information, data masking is a process in which sensitive and authentic information is replaced with inauthentic information that has the same structure.

What is Oracle Database Vault?

Oracle Database Vault. Oracle Database Vault provides controls to prevent unauthorized privileged users from accessing sensitive data, prevent unauthorized database changes, and helps customers meet industry, regulatory, or corporate security standards. March 23, 2020.

What is queue table?

A queue table is a special database object: a persistent table used to handle queue‑oriented data, such as event processing and asynchronous data loading applications, with subsequent complex processing of the buffered data load.