What is a Bursolith?

What is a Bursolith?

[ bûr′sə-lĭth′ ] n. A calculus formed in a bursa.

What is Carpoptosis?

paralysis of the extensor muscles of the hand and fingers; it may be due to metallic poisoning.

What does Subfissure mean in medical terms?

Subfissure. below a long narrow opening. Geroderma. old skin.

What does Splanchnologia mean in medical terms?

[splangk-nol´ah-je] scientific study or description of the organs of the body, as of the digestive, respiratory, and genitourinary systems.

What does Hexia mean in medical terms?

the prefix -hexia means. condition. the suffix for bladder or sac is. -cyst.

What is Phalango?

, phalang- [Gr. phalanx, stem phalang-, line of battle, center] Prefixes meaning phalanges (bones of fingers and toes).

What is Arthrochondritis?

[ är′thrō-kŏn-drī′tĭs ] n. Inflammation of an articular cartilage.

What is Subfascial?

Medical Definition of subfascial : situated, occurring, or performed below a fascia a subfascial tumor subfascial suturing.

What is a medical Fischer?

Fissure: A cleft or groove. A fissure can be normal or abnormal. A fissure in the cerebral cortex is a normal feature. It is a deep fold that involves the entire thickness of the brain wall. A fissure in the anus is abnormal.

What is Splanchnomegaly?

(vis’ĕr-ō-meg’ă-lē), Abnormal enlargement of the viscera, such as may be seen in acromegaly and other disorders. Synonym(s): organomegaly, splanchnomegaly.

What do you mean by Arthrology?

: a science concerned with the study of joints.

What does Kinesia mean in medical terms?

movement, muscular activity
a combining form with the meaning “movement, muscular activity,” used in the formation of compound words: dyskinesia; hyperkinesia.

What does HEPA prefix mean in medical terms?

As we’ve seen, the prefix hepat- means “liver.” The suffix -itis is used to indicate inflammation. Hepatitis, then, literally translates to “inflammation of the liver.”

What does Chondroma mean?

(kon-DROH-muh) A rare, slow-growing tumor that is made up of cartilage and forms on or in bones or soft tissue. It is not cancer.

What is patellofemoral chondroplasty?

Chondroplasty. Chondroplasty is a surgical procedure to repair and reshape damaged cartilage in a joint. The procedure involves smoothing degenerative cartilage and trimming any unstable flaps of cartilage.

What is Pharyng?

Pharyng– is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “pharynx.” The pharynx is the tube or cavity that connects the mouth or nasal passages with the esophagus. Pharyng– is occasionally used in medical terms, especially in pathology.

What does Proxim mean in medical terms?

Proxim/o. Definition. Near the Point of Origina, Near the Midline (combining form)

What is the meaning of osteoarthrosis?

Osteoarthrosis is a common disorder of synovial joints, seen most often in older patients. The joints affected most commonly are the knee, hip, hands and the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Involvement of other joints such as the ankle, wrist and shoulder is uncommon, and suggests a secondary etiology.

What is Gonarthrosis in knee?

Knee Osteoarthritis (medically known as Gonarthrosis) is described as the damage to the cartilage inside the knee joint. The damage is irreversible and can significantly restrict one’s mobility. Based on the root of the disease, there are two distinct types: Primary (Internal) and.

What does platypoda mean?

Definition of Platypoda. : a division of Pectinibranchia comprising gastropod mollusks with the foot adapted for creeping — compare heteropoda.

What is the scientific name for flat feet?

[flat´foot] a condition in which one or more arches of the foot have flattened out; called also pes planus, pes valgus, platypodia, and tarsoptosis.

What is the scientific name for a platypus?

platypnoea Platypod Platypoda platypodia Platypodidae Platypodidae Platypoecilus Platypoecilus maculatus Platypsyllidae Platyptera platypus platypus Platypus abietes Platypus Light Modular Recovery System platypuses platypuses platyrhine Platyrhine monkey platyrhinely Platyrhini platyrhinian platyrhinianly Platyrhynchos Platyrhynchos platyrrhine

What is tarsoptosis Flatfoot?

Related to platypodia: tarsoptosis flatfoot [flat´foot] a condition in which one or more arches of the foot have flattened out; called also pes planus, pes valgus, platypodia, and tarsoptosis. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc.