What happened to JSwipe?

What happened to JSwipe?

The app has resulted in a number of marriages. JSwipe and its parent, Smooch Labs, were acquired by competitor JDate’s parent Spark Networks in October 2015, ending contentious litigation between the two outfits….JSwipe.

Developer(s) Smooch Labs / Spark Networks
Type online dating
Website jswipeapp.com

What is the difference between JDate and JSwipe?

JSwipe is intended for younger generations of Jews who prefer to find dates using an interface similar to Tinder. On the other hand, JDate is intended for Jews who want to find deeper and more meaningful connections such as friendships, relationships, love, and marriage.

What age group is JSwipe for?

It’s important to note that JSwipe is rated for mature users 17 years or older, but only requires users to be 13+ to use. 90 percent of JSwipe users are in their 20s, so teens may not fare as well on this app as older users.

How old is David yarus?

Despite launching thousands of successful relationships the 31 year-old American, who started “the Jewish Tinder” remains single. David Yarus is responsible for thousands of Jewish couples getting together.

How many JSwipe users are there?

1M users
About JSwipe JSwipe is the largest and fastest growing Jewish dating app with over 1M users worldwide.

Does Jdate have a free trial?

If you’re ready to get started for free on Jdate, click the free trial button and you’ll automatically be setup to go!

How do I join Jdate?

There are a number of different ways to register a Jdate profile. You can use the desktop site – head to https://www.jdate.com to get started. Or, you can keep things mobile, and download the Jdate dating app on either iOS or Android. Once you’ve picked your platform, the next step is to start setting up your account.

How much is JSwipe worth?

JSwipe was purchased for $7m and today Mr Yarus has joined the rival app as its global ambassador, tasked with updating its image. He travels around the world visiting Jewish communities and assessing their needs when it comes to providing opportunities for young singles to meet.

Who is the founder of JSwipe?

David Yarus
David grew up in Miami Beach, Florida, went to Babson College in Boston, and now lives in Brooklyn. He is the founder of JSwipe, the largest Jewish dating app with more than a million users worldwide, which has successfully led to thousands of Jewish marriages and a whole lot of millennial Jewish love.

How much did JSwipe sell for?

The owner of millennial dating app JSwipe, Smooch Labs, has just been bought by Spark Networks for $7m.

Do you have to pay for Jswipe?

With our free membership, you can update your profile and add photos. You can also chat with any of our members once you’ve matched with them, and you can send 1 Super Swipe a day.

What age is JDate for?

Jdate member structure The most active users on JDate are women aged between 35-49. They’re primarily looking for longer-lasting, serious relationships.

Is JDate still popular?

An independent survey found that 52% of Jewish relationships online started on Jdate. While Jdate doesn’t publish their exact success rate, they do have a rich and active Jewish community of millions. The site has been in operation since 1997 and they are the premier place to meet single Jews around the world.

What does a flirt mean on JDate?

Flirt: If you’re hoping to feel things out with someone who piqued your interest, send a pre-written flirt on JDate that sounds most like you. It lets the other person know you’re interested without taking too much of a risk.

How much did it cost to buy JSwipe?

The purchase price was later disclosed as $7 million, with a potential bonus of $10 million to JSwipe’s four founders if certain earning targets were met. Yarus stated that he was excited to join Spark Networks, while noting that Spark’s management had changed hands since the litigation was initiated.

What does JSwipe do for Jewish communities?

Since its acquisition by Spark Networks, JSwipe has sponsored a number of Jewish community singles events. JSwipe also organizes other events, typically in New York, like its “Winter Series”. It has sponsored the Matzo Ball since 2018, a Christmas Eve party targeted at young Jews in the United States.

Is JSwipe a “brazen attempt to build business on the back of Jdate?

Yarus publicized the legal maneuvers, leading the CEO of Spark Networks, Michael Egan, to accuse JSwipe of “misrepresentation,” “theft,” and “brazen attempt to build business on the back of JDate.”

What is the average age of JSwipe users?

As of early 2016, 90 percent of JSwipe users were 30 years old or younger. Yarus stated that JSwipe filled a gap among younger Jews who would be embarrassed to be on an existing Jewish online dating service like JDate.