Is there a toll on the Gateway Bridge Brisbane?

Is there a toll on the Gateway Bridge Brisbane?

The Gateway Motorway (M2 to Eight Mile Plains and M1 to Pine River) is a major tolled motorway in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia which includes the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (former Gateway Bridge). The motorway is operated by toll road operator Transurban.

How do I pay the Gateway Bridge toll Brisbane?

To pay your toll please contact Linkt on 13 33 31 or at

How much is the M1 toll?

The current tolls being applied on the M1 Motorway are as follows:

Type of Vehicle Toll (VAT incl. 23%)
Motorcycles (exceeding 50cc) €1.00
Motor Cars €2.00
Buses or Coaches €3.50
Goods Vehicles with a design gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3,500 kilograms €3.50

How much are motorway tolls UK?

How much are UK tolls?

Name of toll Car crossing charge
M6 Toll – West Midlands £5.50
M25 – Dartford River Crossing £2.50
A4 – Batheaston Bridge £0.70
A15 – Humber Bridge £1.35

Are Brisbane tolls free today?

Travel on all toll roads is now free to assist drivers in the clean-up efforts who are navigating road closures around Brisbane. Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the toll suspension came into effect on the tunnel from 8am today, until midnight Sunday, 6 March 2022.

How do I pay a one time toll Brisbane?

To pay your toll please contact Linkt on 13 33 31 or at . Motorists may use their existing account arrangements with Linkt or any other Australian toll service provider to pay for their toll road travel in Queensland.

Can I pay cash on M1 toll?

Cash payment is accepted on all lanes with the exception of the Express Lanes (Electronic Tag only – far right hand lane in both directions). Cash payment can be made where an operator is present in the tollbooth, or in any of the 4 Automatic Coin Machine lanes (coins only – placed into the collection basket).

Is there a toll on the M1 UK?

The main route from Lincoln and the M1….

Price TamarTag
Motorbikes FREE FREE
Cars, Lorries and Vans under 3.5 tonnes £2.00 £1.00
Cars with Trailers £4.00 £2.00

How much is M6 Toll UK?

The weekday cash cost is £7.00 for a car and £12.00 for a Heavy Goods Vehicle. The M6 Toll is part of the (unsigned in the UK) E-road E05 and is subject to the same regulations and policing as other motorways in the UK. It has one service station along its 27-mile (43 km) stretch, Norton Canes services.

How much is the M5 toll for a car?

The M5 South-West Motorway is electronically tolled. A single, fixed-price toll is charged for use of the motorway in either direction. The toll price is based on your vehicle class….M5 South-West toll pricing.

Trip Class A toll price Class B toll price
M5 South-West Motorway $5.12 $15.35

Are Qld toll roads free?

Transport and Main Roads manages the policy and legislative framework for toll roads in Queensland, under the provisions of the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994. Queensland toll roads use free-flow (electronic) tolling. Free-flow tolling means that there are no toll booths on the road to accept toll payments.

What happens if I don’t have an ETAG?

What if I use a toll road without a tag or pass? If you have used a toll road without a tag or pass, a toll notice will be sent to the registered operator of the vehicle. The toll notice will request payment of the toll plus an administration fee. See Toll notices to find out more information.

What happens if I forgot my ETAG?

If the tag is lost in transit, you may be charged the Tag Non-Return fee of $40. Alternatively, you can return your tag to your nearest Service NSW centre.

Does the M1 toll take sterling?

THE signs may say ‘No Sterling’ but it turns out you can pay the M1 toll with either euro or sterling coins.

Can you avoid the M6 Toll?

(Unless you’ve turned off toll roads in your nav system set-up, in which case you’ll automatically avoid it.) If you’re heading to or from the South West, you can’t use the M6 Toll because it doesn’t connect to the M5.

How do I pay for travel on the Gateway Motorway?

To pay for travel on the Gateway Motorway or any toll road in Queensland you’ll need to buy a pass or open an account. If you’ve already travelled you can buy a road pass within 5 days of your first trip. You can also backdate your travel up to 9 days after your first trip when you open a pre-paid account.

Is there a fee for video matching on Queensland toll roads?

On all other Queensland toll roads, a video matching fee is charged per toll point. This fee has been reduced to $0.00. This fee has been reduced to $0.00. For a requested statement, fee for each paper statement that you request from us. Subject to the relevant bank charge.

What is the history of the Gateway Motorway?

The Gateway Extension was constructed in 1997 to connect the Gateway Motorway with the Logan Motorway. The Gateway Motorway includes the iconic Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges, the first of which opened in January 1986 with the duplicate bridge completed in May 2010. How to pay Gateway Motorway tolls

When will tolls and fees increase in Brisbane?

The following tolls and fees will increase in line with the Brisbane Consumer Price Index (BCPI) on 1 July 2021 *. * Tolls, fees and charges are inclusive of GST. Toll prices on AirportlinkM7 remain unchanged at this time.