Is Shady Side Academy a good school?

Is Shady Side Academy a good school?

Shady Side has been a fantastic school for our son. He was very happy in the Upper St. Clair school system but chose to attend SSA for the exceptional hockey experience combined with excellent academics. We have seen him grow and mature in so many ways.

How much do Shady Side Academy teachers make?

The typical Shady Side Academy Teacher salary is $46,257 per year. Teacher salaries at Shady Side Academy can range from $42,000 – $51,075 per year.

Is Shadyside Academy a Boarding school?

Shady Side Academy offers boarding for the full year, and most students in the dorms take this option.

How many students are at Shady Side Academy?

What is the Academy’s enrollment? For the 2021-2022 school year, Shady Side Academy enrolled a total of 1140 students PK-12: 160 at Country Day School (PK-5); 298 at the Junior School (PK-5); 203 at the Middle School (6-8); and 479 at the Senior School (9-12), including 67 five- and seven-day boarders.

What is the cost of Shady Side Academy?

2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

Inclusive Tuition Rates by Grade
Grades 1-5 $24,850
Grades 6-8 $29,900
Grades 9-12, Day $35,175
Grades 9-12, 5-Day Boarding $53,675

Is Shady Side Academy Catholic?

Shady Side Academy’s Speech and Debate team competes principally in the National Forensics League and regularly sends students to the National Catholic Forensics League and the Pennsylvania High School Speech League.

When did Winchester Thurston go coed?

Winchester Thurston became co-educational in 1991. The school has constructed several facilities, including the Main Building in 1963, a science wing in 1987, and a new turf field called Garland Field.

How much do teachers make at Sewickley Academy?

The average Sewickley Academy salary ranges from approximately $54,148 per year for a Teacher to $54,148 per year for a Teacher. Sewickley Academy employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.9/5 stars.

Who founded Shady Side Academy?

Members of the Shadyside Presbyterian Church found a college preparatory academy for their sons, called “Shady Side Academy” and located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh’s East End. Initial grades for the school were 7-12, known as “Forms I-VI.”

Is Shady Side Academy all boys?

Shady Side Academy is a nationally respected private school in Pittsburgh for boys and girls in grades pre-kindergarten through 12, with an optional boarding experience in high school.

What is the meaning of Shady Side?

slang Older than; more than. I’m much more concerned about my health now that I’m on the shady side of 60. You’re on the shady side of 20, which means you need to start acting more responsibly. See also: of, on, shady, side. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms.

How much does Kiski Prep cost?

The Kiski School
Annual tuition $48,500 (boarding) $38,500 (day)
Revenue $15.79 million
Graduates (2020) 75
Affiliations NAIS, PAIS, & TABS

Is Kiski school good?

Kiski has an enrollment of approximately 180, with international students from 23 different countries. In 2022, Niche ranked Kiski 8th best all-boy high school in Pennsylvania.

How does Shady Side Academy rank among the top boarding schools?

Shady Side Academy ranks among the top 20 boarding schools (out of 302 schools) for: Shady Side Academy is a nationally respected private school in Pittsburgh for boys and girls in grades PK-12, with an optional boarding experience in high school.

Why choose Shady Side?

Four schools with extraordinary resources, teachers who actively mentor, a forward-thinking curriculum, a diverse and inclusive community, and a legacy of alumni accomplishments all inspire Shady Side students to high achievement in academics, the arts and athletics, and to meaningful ambitions in life.

What’s new at Shady Side Academy?

Shady Side Academy Senior School Photo #4 – The McIlroy Center is the new home of the Senior School Science Department and includes 10 flexible classroom/lab spaces for physics, biology and chemistry; spaces for research, collaboration and independent study; faculty offices; and an outdoor amphitheater for classes, lectures and events.

Why boarding at Shady Side?

Boarding teaches students how to be responsible, independent and prepared for a smooth transition to college. Because “how” matters. Shady Side Academy understands that how we educate students equips them to thrive in college and in life.