Is Guru Jambheshwar a government?

Is Guru Jambheshwar a government?

It is named after Guru Jambheshwar Ji Maharaj, a saint environmentalist of the 15th century….Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology.

Type Public
Established 1995
Chancellor Governor of Haryana
Vice-Chancellor Baldev Raj Kamboj
Location Hisar , Haryana , India29.10°N 75.45°E

How is Guru Jambheshwar university?

GJU is one of the best universities in Haryana because of its education quality and good faculty. The placement rate of this college is also good. I filled online application from the college website which costs me Rs. 1500.

Who is the Vice-Chancellor of Guru Jambheshwar University Hisar?

Prof. B. R. Kamboj
University Contact Details

Name Email
Prof. B. R. Kamboj, VICE-CHANCELLOR [email protected]
Dr. Avnesh Verma, Registrar [email protected]
Prof. Yashpaul Singla, Controller of Examinations [email protected] [email protected]
Dr. Vinod Kumar Chhokar Proctor vinodchhokar@ vinodchhokar@

How many universities are there in Hisar?

Universities in Hisar district, their affiliated colleges and their contact details. In Hisar 3 universities are found and their details with affiliated colleges. All these Universities are recognised and approved by ‘University Grants Commision (UGC)’.

What was the popular name of Guru Jambheshwar?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Guru Jambheshwar, also known as Guru Jambhaji, (1451-1536) was the founder of the Bishnoi Panth. He taught that God is a divine power that is everywhere.

How many universities are there in Haryana?

Haryana, India has at least 61 functional universities, including eight central university (five Institutes of National Importance (INI), one AIIMS, two general universities and one deemed university), 22 state universities, two public universities, eight deemed universities (four public and four private) and 21 …

Is Gjust a govt or private?

GJU Latest Notification The privately funded university is accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) by ‘A’ grade.

Which National Institute is located in Hisar Haryana?

The campus of the National Research Centre on Equines – NRCE is located in Hisar, Haryana. The Institute can be reached either by rail or by road….

Website :
Contact No : 01662) 275787, 276748, 276151, 275114

When was Jambheshwar Bhagwan born?

Jambheshwar ji was born in a Hindu Rajput family of the Panwar clan in the village of Pipasar, Nagaur district in 1451. He was the only child of Lohat Panwar and Hansa Devi. For the first seven years of his life, Guru Jambeshwar was considered silent and introverted. He spent 27 years of his life as a cow herder.

Which caste is Bishnoi?

Bishnoi (also known as Vishnoi) is a Hindu community found in the Western Thar Desert and northern states of India. They follow a set of 29 principles/commandments given by Guru Jambheshwar (also known as Guru Jambhoji, Guru Jambha Ji) (1451-1536). They are a sub-sect of the Vaishnav Sampraday.

When was the National Research Centre of excellence established in Hisar?

National Research Centre on Equines was established in 1985 as one of premier research centre under the emblem of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) at Hisar.

Where was Jambheshwar Ji born?


What do the Bishnoi eat?

One of the 29 Bishnoi rules are “Pity on all beings and Save wild animals”, so, they never eat or kill animals, and they take very good care of all tribe´s animals. They just use the cow, sheep and goat milk to feed themselves.

How many private universities are in Haryana?