How VPLEX works?

How VPLEX works?

Each VPLEX site has a local VPLEX Cluster and physical storage and hosts are connected to that VPLEX Cluster. The VPLEX Clusters themselves are interconnected across the sites to enable continuous availability. A device is taken from each of the VPLEX Clusters to create a distributed RAID 1 virtual volume.

What is Dell EMC Vplex?

The Dell EMC VPLEX is a network-based, virtualized storage product designed to create high-availability storage between datacenters and to provide the ability to move applications and data between storage environments. VPLEX leverages Dell EMC’s common hardware design employed in the Unity, VNX, and PowerMax/VMAX.

How do I find my Vplex serial number?

How to determine or find the correct Top-Level Assembly (TLA) of a VPLEX instance. Find the TLA number of the cluster. This info is available on the serial number tag attached to the front top of the cabinet frame and on the packing slip.

What is Dell EMC RecoverPoint?

The Dell EMC® RecoverPoint delivers enterprise class data protection capabilities that minimize business exposure to any down time. It provides local and remote data replication for continuous data protection over distance and enables any Point-in-Time (PiT) recovery.

What is PowerPath software?

EMC PowerPath is host-based software that provides automated data path management and load-balancing capabilities for heterogeneous server, network, and storage deployed in physical and virtual environments.

What is Dell EMC AppSync?

Dell EMC AppSync™ enables integrated copy data management (iCDM) with Dell EMC primary storage systems. AppSync simplifies and automates the process of generating and consuming copies of production data.

What is extent in Vplex?

Extents: Extents are created on storage volumes. You have the option of creating multiple extents on a single storage volume, but EMC generally recommends creating one extent per storage volume. (Future posts will discuss why this is beneficial.) Devices: Devices are created from extents.

How do I change my Vplex admin password?


  1. Launch PuTTY (or a similar SSH client) to establish a connection to the public IP address of the VPLEX management server.
  2. Log in as admin .
  3. From the Linux shell prompt, enter: vplexcli .
  4. To change the password, enter: user reset -u
  5. Enter the admin account password.
  6. Enter the new user password.

How does VM RecoverPoint work?

RPVM uses a journal-based implementation to store all the changes made to the protected VMs. Local protection provides a DVR-like rollback in time capability to any point, even to the last I/O transaction or just seconds before the data corruption occurred.

What is RecoverPoint appliance?

The engine of RecoverPoint is the RecoverPoint Appliance (RPA), which manages the replication setup and operations, compressing the data with advanced algorithms for efficient bandwidth utilization that reduces network cost up to 90%.

What is PowerPath in vmware?

PowerPath/VE automates and optimizes data path pools in virtual environments to ensure business process availability and performance and the ability to scale-out mission-critical applications.

Which platform can DataIQ storage monitoring support?

DataIQ empowers organizations to discover all unstructured data assets, both file and object, across billions of files and folders. It supports all Dell Technologies first party storage platforms such as Isilon, ECS and Unity.

How does EMC AppSync work?

AppSync simplifies and automates the process of generating and consuming copies of production data. By abstracting the underlying storage and replication technologies, and through deep application integration, AppSync empowers application owners to satisfy copy demands for operational recovery and data repurposing.