How much is the Rock and Roll marathon in San Antonio?

How much is the Rock and Roll marathon in San Antonio?


Marathon $109 Dec 4
Half Marathon $99 Dec 4
*Prices May Increase at Anytime*

How long is the Rock and Roll marathon in San Antonio?

The end of fall 2022 brings the 15th annual running of San Antonio’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & Half Marathon, which — like its counterparts in San Diego and Virginia Beach — features live bands to cheer the runners, walkers and wheelchair competitors on every two miles along the entire 26.2-mile course, of which the …

How many runners in Rock n Roll San Antonio?

18,000 people
2021 Rock ‘n’ Roll running series draws over 18,000 people to downtown San Antonio.

Is San Antonio marathon Hilly?

Also, many people think of San Antonio as “hilly” but the course is actually very easy and flat and besides navigating some of the crowds, you could PR here if you have a good race.

Is the San Antonio Half Marathon flat?

The San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon is a fairly flat race right in the heart of Texas. The course starts in downtown San Antonio near the iconic board walk and Alamo. It features different musical displays and has a great crowd support!

What does rock and roll marathon benefit?

Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the National Featured Charity of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Being a St. Jude Hero means raising funds for the kids of St. Jude – kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases – while you train for your Rock ‘n’ Roll race.

Is San Antonio Marathon Hilly?

Is San Antonio hilly?

And, experience the Heart of Texas, the San Antonio Hill Country. Characterized by tall, rugged hills of limestone and granite, Texas-sized ranches, and refreshing swimming holes.

Who owns the Rock N Roll Marathon Series?

Wanda Group-owned World Triathlon Corporation bolsters its event portfolio. Endurance sports event organiser Ironman has announced its acquisition of Competitor Group Holdings, Inc. (CGI), owners of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.

How high is San Antonio from sea level?

650′San Antonio / Elevation
San Antonio sits on the Balcones Escarpment. Its altitude is approximately 662 feet (202 m) above sea level.

Is Rock N Roll marathon for profit?

The class-action lawsuit claims the company partners with charities to create a “a veneer for recruiting free labor” but the race events are for-profit and do not serve a charitable purpose under the law.

When was the first Rock and Roll marathon in San Antonio?

Event details In 2017, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series will be celebrating 20 Years Running. It all began in San Diego in 1998. 2017 will also mark Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon & 1/2 Marathon’s 10th year with the series since the inaugural race in 2008.

When was the first rock and roll marathon in San Antonio?