How many classes are in Le Mans 24 Hours?

How many classes are in Le Mans 24 Hours?

four categories
There are four categories at Le Mans, corresponding to three types of car.

Will GT3 replace GTE?

The name of the GT3-based category, which has not yet been finalized, will become the new flagship production-based class in the WEC, replacing GTE, which will run through the end of the 2023 season under the GTE-Am moniker.

Is Gtlm the same as GTE?

GT2 stuck around and was renamed GTE at Le Mans and GTLM in IMSA competition (because having a GT2 class but no GT1 class made too little sense, even for a needlessly complicated sport like endurance racing).

How much HP do GTE cars have?

660 horsepower
The road car’s unit pumps an impressive 660 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque, but the race car hits the track with less than that, mostly because it’s lighter and output for WEC cars is decided based on the power-to-weight ratio. The GTE is currently the car to beat in LMGTE-Pro.

What is the difference between GTE Pro and GTE Am?

As opposed to the category with the suffix “Pro” (entered in the FIA WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans), “Am” designates the GTE class reserved for amateur drivers. Technically, the cars in the GTE Am class correspond to the same regulations as the GTE Pros, but they must be at least one year old.

Which is faster GTE or GT3?

Since their first public outing, I was struck by their extreme similarity, yet I understood they should feature some differences, having in mind that the lap times clocked by a GTE-spec car were faster (by a couple of seconds) than the GT3 ones in 2015.

What is the best GTE car?

In the 2018/19 season, the most competitive LM GTE cars are the Porsche 911 RSR, the Ferrari 488 GTE Evo and the Ford GT (by points achieved).

What is replacing GTE?

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest is set to adopt GT3 regulations from 2024 as a replacement for the GTE formula, meaning GT3 cars will be eligible to compete in the Le Mans 24 Hours for the first time, and in the FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series.

Is GTE going away?

The ACO and FIA also confirmed that in 2023 there will be no GTE Pro class as the GTE rules are phased out.

Is Ford coming back to IMSA?

Ford will enter the global GT3 marketplace in 2024 with its iconic Mustang and extend its roots at home with a return to factory endurance racing in IMSA.

Whats replacing GTE?

Why did Ford GT leave IMSA?

The team claimed that financial problems due to the pandemic led to this decision. After Ford Chip Ganassi Racing closed the doors to their Ford GT GTLM program following the conclusion of the 2019 season, that only left three teams in the class.

What’s better Boxster or Cayman?

Because they use the same engines and gearboxes, there’s barely anything to tell the two Porsches apart in terms of performance. In fact, according to Porsche, both the 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster cars are identical in terms of acceleration and top speed.