How long is a 30/30 casing?

How long is a 30/30 casing?

2.039 in

.30-30 Winchester
Rim thickness .063 in (1.6 mm)
Case length 2.039 in (51.8 mm)
Overall length 2.550 in (64.8 mm)
Primer type Large rifle

Is 30 caliber the same as 9 mm?

. 30 caliber is more powerful interms of stopping power, 9mm has a greater muzzle velocity(2100fps).

How important is case overall length?

The overall length (OAL) of an ammunition cartridge is a measurement from the base of the brass shell casing to the tip of the bullet, seated into the brass casing. Cartridge overall length, or “COL”, is important to safe functioning of reloads in firearms.

Do you always have to trim brass?

There is no set rule as to how often cases should be trimmed to length. Some calibres will need trimming more frequently than others. If you are using a ‘pokey’ load, and by that I mean a load that is near the top end of the pressure range, brass tends to flow more and so the cases will need trimming sooner.

Is 30 Cal or 9mm bigger?

You must first understand that most U.S. standard calibers are stated in inches, while metric calibers are stated in millimeters (mm). We see a lot of calibers like 5.56mm, 6.5mm, 6.8mm, 7mm, 7.62mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, etc. So, a 30-caliber bullet is actually 0.30” diameter, but it’s also a 7.62mm diameter.

Who makes 30 Super Carry handguns?

Smith & Wesson
30 Super Carry | Smith & Wesson.

Is 2022 ammo still hard to find?

When Will the Great Ammo Shortage End? – Many gun owners are demanding more bullets, shells, and cartridges; 2022 is another year of ammunition shortages. This situation has been playing out since at least 2020. Many shelves are bare, and panic buying online and in stores has caused even more shortfalls.

Is Case trimming necessary?

How long is a 9mm Luger case supposed to be?

That .754 is max length, not nominal. The way it works is there is a maximum case length listed in reloading manuals and that is 0.754 inches for 9mm Luger. When the cases reach the maximum they are supposed it be trimmed back to 0.744 inches (0.010 inches shorter than max).

What is the max length for a 9mm brass case?

I know that the max length for 9mm brass is .754 and the trim to length is supposed to be .751, but what would be too short? I have a bunch of cases that are.745 to .750 and a fair number that are shorter than .745.

Can 9mm cases be too short?

Even after resizing 9mm cases many are too short and too long. I can’t remember where I read this but someone did research on the subject and concluded that 9mm cases should be at 0.750 and anything less or more would loose several inches at the point of impact (POI).

What is the typical case length for once fired ammo?

My reload manuals say the typical case length is .754″. On measuring some cases I find the once fired length is closer to .745″ (+ or – .002). I have checked a fair number of different brand cases (I bought some once fired cases in bulk) and all are around .010″ short. Does anyone here know anything about this? Thanks for any help.