How long do electrostatic furnace filters last?

How long do electrostatic furnace filters last?

How Long Do Electrostatic Air Filters Last? The best thing about these filters is that they’ll last you for years to come. They have a lifespan of anywhere between three to five years, though some brands claim ten years of performance.

Can electrostatic filters be washed?

What Is an Electrostatic Air Filter? An electrostatic air filter is a type of furnace filter. It is washable and reusable, unlike commonly used disposable replacement furnace filters.

Are electrostatic filters good?

Electrostatic air filters offer good air filtration. Their electrical charge captures the charged dust particles that float around your home. They also capture bacteria and viruses, which have charged protein coats. Pet dander, pollen, and other particles are also captured by these filters.

What is the MERV rating of an electrostatic filter?

Disposable electrostatic: These filters trap small particles on cotton or paper that has an electrostatic charge. They have MERV ratings of around 10.

Can I replace an electrostatic furnace filter with disposable?

Since an electrostatic air filter is completely washable and reusable, you no longer have to keep a stack of disposable filters handy for monthly replacement. Instead, you simply remove your washable electrostatic air filter, clean it with water (and maybe a mild detergent), and then put it back in place.

Are MERV 13 filter electrostatic?

The MERV 13 (A.K.A. the Best filter) is our top model. It is electrostatically charged and constructed of materials that are more efficient than your standard poly-cotton pleated filters or fiberglass filters. In fact, it is so effective it can filter out particles that are smaller than one micron in size.

Are electrostatic filters any good?

Is electrostatic filter best?

And while there are a few filter options, including quite a few washable filter options, a washable electrostatic air filter may be the best choice of all. In order to appreciate why a washable electrostatic air filter may be the best choice, compare it to your typical metal mesh filter.

Why choose permatron HVAC filters?

Whether you are a distributor looking to ensure your clients have the best rooftop HVAC protection, a building manager looking for the most cost-efficient filtration solution, or an OEM buyer looking for superior air filter value and performance, you can rely on Permatron—part of the Rensa family of air filtration companies.

How do electrostatic air filters work?

The air filter fabric’s inherent electrostatic charge remains constant over time, and enhances filtration by drawing airborne particle onto fiber surfaces, like iron filings onto a magnet. Static electricity, being static, does not flow like electrical current and therefore does not discharge or require either grounding or insulation.

What is an electrostatic prefilter afterfilter?

The afterfilter also removes ozone emitted from electrical discharges and captures ash “brush-off” from the plates. Independent testing shows 40% increase in average Dust Spot Efficiency by using this electrostatic prefilter versus factory installed metal mesh in an electronic air cleaner

Are electrostatic air filters bad for your health?

The particles that foul the air, trigger allergies, and may cause adverse health effects are much larger in size. Examples include pollen, dust and mold spores. A second misconception is that electrostatic air filters can cause system trouble. Due to their permanent nature, electrostatic filters require no change-outs.