How do you connect the database through Java?

How do you connect the database through Java?

The steps for connecting to a database with JDBC are as follows:

  1. Install or locate the database you want to access.
  2. Include the JDBC library.
  3. Ensure the JDBC driver you need is on your classpath.
  4. Use the JDBC library to obtain a connection to the database.
  5. Use the connection to issue SQL commands.

How does Java handle database connection?

4 Answers

  1. remove the public getConnection method, if it used outside the Database class you really have a design problem.
  2. remove the commit method.
  3. remove the instance variable connection , instead obtain a connection per call.
  4. and properly close this connection in the finally block of each call.

Can Java connect to relational databases?

The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API is a Java API for accessing relational (tabular) data, especially those stored in a relational database. JDBC has been an integral part of Sun’s Java Development Kit since 1.1 and is supported by virtually all relational database vendors.

How do you query a database in Java?

STEP 1: Allocate a Connection object, for connecting to the database server. STEP 2: Allocate a Statement object, under the Connection created earlier, for holding a SQL command. STEP 3: Write a SQL query and execute the query, via the Statement and Connection created. STEP 4: Process the query result.

Why JDBC is used in Java?

The JDBC API is a Java API that can access any kind of tabular data, especially data stored in a relational database. JDBC helps you to write Java applications that manage these three programming activities: Connect to a data source, like a database. Send queries and update statements to the database.

What is host in DB connection?

Database host is the remote database server IP address (or load balancer if the database server is clustered) Database username is the local web node database user to which you gave access. Database password is the local web node user’s password.

Can Java use ODBC?

You can’t use ODBC directly because your JAVA program needs to use the JDBC driver to interact with the Database.

Which is faster JDBC or ODBC?

JDBC drivers are implemented in Java. ODBC drivers are faster. JDBC drivers are slower than ODBC drivers. ODBC is procedural.


Java™ database connectivity (JDBC) is the JavaSoft specification of a standard application programming interface (API) that allows Java programs to access database management systems. The JDBC API consists of a set of interfaces and classes written in the Java programming language.

Is there a database in Java?

Java DB is a fully transactional, secure, standards-based database server, written entirely in Java, and fully supports SQL, JDBC API, and Java EE technology. The Java DB database is packaged with the GlassFish application server, and is included in JDK 6 as well.