How do you become an expert in 8-ball pool?

How do you become an expert in 8-ball pool?

In order to enhance your potting skills in a game of online 8 Ball Pool, these are four important things you need to focus on.

  1. Practice Your Aiming Skills Regularly.
  2. Learn How To Control The Power Bar.
  3. Master The Use Of The Strike Point Option.
  4. Remember The Rules Of The Game.
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Are there cheats for 8 Ball Pool?

Included with 8 Ball Pool++ is a range of cheats for 8 Ball Pool Miniclip. Using the Mod Menu, you can select from four hacks: Add Coins & Money: infinite coins and money. Aimbot: an AI will play on your behalf.

How much does it cost to recharge the black hole cue?

Old 8 Ball Pool data The Black Hole Cue is a cue in 8 Ball Pool which is obtainable at level 52, costs 4200000 pool coins to purchase (it costs 6000000 pool coins on mobile devices) and 420000 pool coins to recharge.

How do you raise your cue level in 8 Ball Pool?

How do I increase my Cue Collection Power? Every time you win, buy or upgrade a Cue, you’ll get Points that increase your Collection Power. The harder it is to get that Cue, the more Points it will give!

How can I get better at 8 ball pool Miniclip?

8 Ball Pool: Tips and Tricks

  1. Opening the app every day. Log in daily to play at least a few shots.
  2. Familiarize With the Rules.
  3. Take That Break!
  4. Know the Power of Cues.
  5. Buy Better Cues.
  6. Know which table to Choose.
  7. Power your shot accordingly.
  8. Time Your Shot.

How do you move the stick in 8 Ball Iphone?

Move the cue stick by hovering your finger over it. Pull the stick back to shoot one of the 8 balls (when you pull back, the power meter on top will tell you much force you’re exerting) Remember to not hit the white ball in the pocket, as you will be penalized.

Are there cheats for 8 ball pool?

What is pocket cheat?

Cheat the pocket is using the whole pocket to make the shot and have the cue ball move in a direction that is going to aid your next shot.