How do you awaken units in Final Fantasy Exvius?

How do you awaken units in Final Fantasy Exvius?

To awaken a unit to its 7★ form, you need two of the same unit. One unit (base unit) must be at max level (100). The other unit can be in 5★ or 6★ form. To awaken your base unit to its 7★ form, you will need a material called a ‘prism.

Can you trade units in FFBE?

Only units with a Trust Master value of 100% can be traded for Trust Coins. Free units, raid summon units, and EX point units are not eligible to trade for Trust Coins.

What is dps FFBE?

DPS = Damage per second, the amount of damage a certain character does in a second, usually measured in a time period and averaged to the second. It doesn’t apply to FFBE since it’s a turn based game so the correct term would be damage per turn.

What are NV units FFBE?

NeoVisions are a new evolution rarity in FFBE that radically changes how units are used, they have a few mechanics involving them as well, which is probably why you’re here. NVs also have a new equipment slot, called a vision card, that boosts their base stats and occasionally gives them new passives.

How do I upgrade Neo Vision?

Neo Visions are units that possess characteristics completely new to FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. There are two ways to acquire Neo Vision (NV) units. The first is to directly summon them through Neo Vision Crystals. The second is to awaken 7★ units to Neo Vision units.

How do you get Neo Vision?

What is the best unit in FFBE?

Unit Ratings (NV Units)

Name Rating
Divine Beast Chow 29.5
Summoner Lenna 26.0
Warrior of Dawn Dorgann 27.0
Warrior of Dawn Galuf 26.0

Who is the best healer in FFBE?

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Best Healers, Ranked

  1. 1 Lucas. Brave Exvius’s most potent Healer is a surprising individual: a mechanical robot.
  2. 2 Rena.
  3. 3 Ignis.
  4. 4 Doctor Aiden.
  5. 5 Warrior Of Light Lenna.
  6. 6 Folka.
  7. 7 Myra.
  8. 8 Aerith.

What can you do with Neo Vision dupes?

Turn the dupe into fragments to awaken your first NV Cloud to +1. +1 is where a NV unit gets its brave shift and vision card. Uh, you get his stmr at +2. Using a stmr on him is a waste unless you need it right away.

What are prism Moogles for?

Prism Moogles carry the TMR % amount and the respective Trust Master Reward of a converted duplicate unit, which allows the player to obtain a second copy of the same Trust Master Reward of that particular unit.

How can I increase my Stmr?

Unlike TMRs, you cannot use Trust Moogles nor battles to increase your STMR gauge. unit is equivalent to 100% towards obtaining the STMR. unit is fused with a duplicate unit, a Trust Moogle (50% ALL) will be obtained….Super Trust Master Rewards.

Variable Definition
C 5★/6★ Unit (0% STMR)
D 7★ Unit (100% STMR)

How do you reroll in Brave Exvius?

Resetting saved data

  1. Login/sync into dummy Facebook account. Menu > Options > Login.
  2. It will warn you of discarding your existing data, accept it.
  3. Logout/unsync from dummy Facebook account. Menu > Options > Logout.
  4. Your game will close.
  5. Start a new game and reroll.
  6. Repeat until you get desired units.

Is Doctor Aiden good FFBE?

An aspiring young cleric from a distant land….

Doctor Aiden
Time Limited No
Series FFBE
Gender Male‎

How do I get super Trust master rewards?

Super Trust Master Rewards (STMR) are rewards from units that have been awakened to 7★. They can be obtained by increasing their Super Trust Master percentage to 100%. You can fuse units that are identical to your 7★ base unit to increase its Super Trust Master percentage.

How do you get golden Rizer?

Those who achieve certain event point milestones will be rewarded with items such as EX Coins and the Golden Rizer Box Summon Ticket, which players can use the Golden Rizer Box Summon Ticket for a chance to summon the NV unit Golden Rizer; an LB-focused physical attacker with strong buffing capabilities.

How do you use Moogle super trust?

A super trust moogle can be used to increase a 7★ unit’s super trust mastery! Head over to King Mog’s Chamber in the Farplane after maintenance on 7/25 to exchange your super trust moogle exchange tickets for a super trust moogle!