How do I AutoConnect shapes in Visio?

How do I AutoConnect shapes in Visio?

Automatically connect a shape

  1. Make sure that AutoConnect is active.
  2. Drag a shape from the Shapes pane to the page.
  3. Hold the pointer over the shape until AutoConnect arrows appear around the shape.
  4. Hold the pointer over the arrow in the direction you want to add a shape.
  5. Click the shape you want to add.

How do I use formulas in Visio?

Use one of these 2 techniques to get equations into Visio:

  1. Use the Insert > Object command in Visio, and choose “MathType X. 0 Equation” from the list.
  2. Open MathType from the Windows Start menu. Create the equation, select it, then cut & paste it into Visio.

How do I auto align in Visio?

To use Auto Align

  1. Select the shapes you want to align.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Arrange group, click Position.
  3. Click Auto Align.

How do I add stencils to Visio?

Add a stencil to a template in Visio

  1. In the Shapes window, click More Shapes.
  2. Click the stencil you want the template to have—move your pointer over the categories to see the stencil lists in each category.
  3. The new stencil appears in the stencils list in the Shapes window.

How do you edit a stencil?

Open the stencil, right-click its title, and select Edit Stencil. Right-click the shape, select Rename Master, and type a new name for the shape. Right-click the shape, select Edit Master > Edit Master Shape, and make changes to the shape.

What makes a Smartshape smart?

SmartShapes are graphical objects that have their own special handles that can be clicked or dragged on to customize the object.

How do you remove glue from a shape in Visio?

Turn glue off by default for newly created connectors

  1. On the View tab, in the Visual Aids group, click the dialog launcher .
  2. In the Snap & Glue dialog box, on the General tab , under Currently active, clear the Glue check box.

Can Visio do math?

Add an equation to Visio There are a couple of ways to insert MathType equations into Visio: Copy & paste or drag & drop. Create the equation in MathType then either copy it and paste it into Visio, or select it and drag it over to your diagram. Use the Insert > Object button.

What is shape data in Visio?

In Visio, shapes can contain related data, called shape data, which is useful for providing details. For example, shape data can show steps in a process or pieces of equipment in a network diagram—without filling up the diagram with text.

How do I evenly space connectors in Visio?

Bring up the Snap & Glue window ( Alt + F9 ) and ensure the Snap option (under Currently Active) along with the Grid option (under Snap to) are checked in the General tab. The shape’s connection points should now snap to the grid. This will allow you to align and space the points as required.

What is stencil in Visio?

Microsoft Visio is based on stencils. Stencils are palettes of shapes that can be used to create almost any diagram you need. Each palette is task-specific making it easier to locate the shape/s you require. You can open and work with multiple stencils and can even create your own.

How do I resize a stencil in Visio?

In Visio, you can resize the shapes by dragging them until they are the size that you want, or you can specify a specific size. Select all the shapes that you want to resize. until the shape is the size that you want. To resize the shape proportionally, drag a corner handle.