How can I get admission in La Martiniere Lucknow?

How can I get admission in La Martiniere Lucknow?

Admission Process for Day Scholars The prospectus shall be available most probably from January 2022 at the college website. Online registration form can be submitted most probably in between January to February 2022. However, the exact date of registration will be intimated through the official website.

Is La Martiniere Lucknow a good school?

La Martiniere College is 633rd best school of India and its 53rd best school out of 314 CISCE Schools in Uttar Pradesh.

How big is La Martiniere College Lucknow?

around 400 acres
La Martinière Boys’ College occupies the central portion of the Constantia building and is set in a campus of around 400 acres (1.6 km2), part of which is now used by Lucknow Golf Club. The sprawling estate also includes a village called Martin Purwa, named after Claude Martin, and part of the Lucknow Zoo.

Who is the principal of La Martiniere College Lucknow?

Aashrita Dass has been named the new principal of La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow. Peter Fanthome, member of the governing body of the institution, made a formal announcement to this effect on Wednesday morning.

How can I get admission in Loreto Convent Lucknow?

Go to Click on Nursery Admission link. Follow the on screen instructions and completely fill the application form. Submit the form and make the online application fee payment using Credit/ Debit card or Net banking.

What is the rank of Lucknow Public School in India?

Lucknow Public School is 1344th best school of India and its 169th best school out of 314 CISCE Schools in Uttar Pradesh.

What is the meaning of La Martiniere?

La Martiniere is the name use for the following schools founded by the French adventurer and soldier Claude Martin: La Martiniere Calcutta in Calcutta, India. La Martiniere Lucknow in Lucknow, India.

How old is La Martiniere?

La Martiniere (informally known as LMC) is an elite, independent private day school located in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal. It comprises two single-gender boys and girls schools. It was established in 1836 in accordance with the will of the French soldier of fortune and philanthropist, Major General Claude Martin.

How old is Martiniere Kolkata?

What do the Loreto sisters do?

Although education was its primary work, today the congregation is engaged in a wide variety of ministries: literacy programmes, spiritual direction, counseling, managing shelters for homeless women as well as several aspects of the movement for greater justice and peace in the world.

Which is the No 1 school in Lucknow?

City Montessori School, Lucknow. Year of Establishment: 1959.

  • Seth M R Jaipuria School, Lucknow. Year of Establishment: 1992.
  • Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow.
  • Radcliffe School, Lucknow.
  • VIBGYOR High, Lucknow.
  • The Millennium School, Lucknow.
  • La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow.
  • Study Hall Educational Foundation, Lucknow.
  • Is Lucknow good for students?

    Lucknow, the capital of UP, and lovingly known as the city of Nawabs is one of the best cities in India when it comes to school education. Not only is the city home to some of the best schools in the country, a number of Lucknow schools are renowned all across the globe.

    How many schools are in La Martiniere in India?

    La Martinière Schools were founded posthumously by Major General Claude Martin, in the early 19th century….

    La Martinière College
    Established 1st October 1845 by Claude Martin
    Campus Urban city, varying area
    Colour(s) Black and yellow
    Number of branches 7 (3 schools in Lyon, 2 in Calcutta and 2 in Lucknow)

    Who built La Martiniere?

    founder Claude Martin
    The La Martinière coat of arms was designed by the founder Claude Martin. It is supported by seven flags, each bearing the design of a fish, the emblem of Oudh. The devices on the escutcheon appear to epitomise Claude Martin’s life.

    Which is the largest school in Lucknow?

    City Montessori School (CMS), a name synonymous with quality education, is the world’s largest school, with over 58,000 students and 4,500 staff across 20 campuses in the city of Lucknow.

    Why is Loreto famous?

    Loreto, town and episcopal see, Marche region, central Italy, on the Musone River just south of Ancona and near the Adriatic coast. It is a noted pilgrimage resort famous for the Santa Casa, or Holy House of the Virgin.

    Is Loreto a female name?

    Loreto is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Spanish. Loreto name meanings is Light. Other similar sounding names can be Lerato, Laurita.

    What country is Loreto?

    Loreto is a regional economic and cultural center, as well as a major tourist destination on the Baja California Peninsula….

    Loreto, Baja California Sur
    Country Mexico
    State Baja California Sur
    Municipality Loreto Municipality
    Founded October 25, 1697