Do wooden thread spools have any value?

Do wooden thread spools have any value?

A good wood spool doesn’t lose its value once the thread is gone. When determining the value of a wooden spool, its condition and age will drive the price.

When did they stop making wooden spools?

In the early 1970s, thread manufacturers stopped using the wooden spools for their thread. This was strictly due to cost. A wood spool cost them between 2.5 and 4.5 cents per, where as a plastic spool cost half that. Financially, it made sense.

What sizes do wooden spools come in?

Our wood reel sizes range from 20” up to 96” in diameter. Wooden flange thicknesses typically range from 1 ½” to 3″ for our current customers. We can provide custom wood reels with thickness up to 4”. Our reels are manufactured out of southern yellow pine lumber.

What kind of wood are wire spools made of?

Often made of birch or poplar ply, they are both strong and light-weight. In normal situations, plywood reels are used only once and then destroyed.

Where can I get free cable spools?

L3thatsme. Can anyone tell me where to get a couple of wooden spools in NH?

  • fmizula
  • Bedste
  • Island Creek Farm. Yup,electric company here…they BEG us to take them!
  • Goatherd. I put a “wanted” ad on Craigslist under Farm and Garden and found mine.
  • elevan. The electric company gives them away free here.
  • Hillsvale.
  • Pearce Pastures
  • L3thatsme.
  • dianneS.
  • Where can I buy wood shims?

    Gently tap the shim into the opening with a hammer. Shims are very delicate,so be careful when tapping.

  • Make sure that you have pushed the shim in far enough,but not too far.
  • Nail the work material in place.
  • If using wood shims,lightly score the wood with your utility knife as close as possible to the workpiece.
  • Where to buy wood blocks?

    Wood is stripped of its bark at sawmills, and it is then cut into planks or blocks. From trees to the lumber that is sold in lumberyards and construction stores, wood is processed in multiple steps at a saw mill. How Good Is Pine Wood? Yes. Pine wood is more softer than hardwoods, but it is also stronger, more flexible, and more shock-resistant.

    Where to buy a wood pallet?

    Top Key Vendors of this Market are: Nefab Group, Peco Pallet Company, Allied Pallet Company, Chep Pallets, Greif, Inc., Top Box Inc, Rehrig Pacific Plastic Pallets, Poole & Sons, Inc., Berry Industrial Pallets, Larson Pallet, John Rock Pallet