Can you have multiple copies of a card in Commander?

Can you have multiple copies of a card in Commander?

Commander sees players build a deck around a legendary creature or planeswalker – their commander – with only the mana colours on that card permitted in the 100-card deck. Only one copy of each card (except basic lands) is allowed.

What counts as a Commander in magic?

The chosen card or pair is called the commander or general of the deck. Decks may contain other legendary creatures and planeswalkers within them as well. Each deck must contain exactly 100 cards, including the commander(s).

How many commanders can you have in magic?

two commanders
Description. A player can have two commanders if both have partner. Because both commanders start the game in the command zone, the remaining library is only 98 cards. Your two commanders are treated individually for all other Commander rules.

Is EDH 100 cards including Commander?

A Commander deck must contain exactly 100 cards, including the commander. If you’re playing a companion, it must adhere to color identity and singleton rules.

Is copying casting MTG?

To copy a spell, activated ability, or triggered ability means to put a copy of it onto the stack; a copy of a spell isn’t cast and a copy of an activated ability isn’t activated.

Do clones copy counters?

It doesn’t copy whether that creature is tapped or untapped, whether it has any counters on it or Auras attached to it, or any non-copy effects that have changed its power, toughness, types, color, or so on.

Do commanders count as permanents?

903.3d If an effect refers to controlling a commander, it refers to a permanent on the battlefield that is a commander. If an effect refers to casting a commander, it refers to a spell that is a commander.

Can Battlebond partners be commanders?

Second, each pair of partners can co-serve as a deck’s commander. This is largely the same ability as the original partner, which debuted in Commander (2016 Edition). In fact, this part of the ability doesn’t do anything if you’re not playing Commander.

Can I clone a clone MTG?

If a Clone copies another Clone, it copies whatever the first one copied. That is, you get what was printed on the card that the original Clone copied. You can choose not to copy anything. In that case, Clone comes into play as a 0/0 creature, and is probably put into the graveyard immediately.

Does copying a spell count as casting from hand?

Does spark double target?

2019-05-03: If Spark Double somehow enters the battlefield at the same time as another permanent, it can’t become a copy of that permanent. You may choose only a creature or planeswalker that’s already on the battlefield.

Does copying count as casting?

Are proxies legal in Commander?

The most important distinction to make here is that proxy cards, no matter how realistic, are not legal in tournament magic. This means that in any official tournament, whether a Mythic Championship or just FNM at you local store, the cards are illegal to play with.

Can you oubliette a Commander?

Under the old rules text for Oubliette, if it targeted your Commander, it would trigger an exile, which would allow you to use the replacement effect to put your Commander in the Command Zone instead. So, what’s changed? Oubliette now reads that the creature phases out until Oubliette leaves play.

Why is Iona banned in Commander?

Iona is banned because she can lock a mono-colored player out of the game all by herself. Though she’s expensive to cast, she’s also really easy to cheat into play.

Can you cast mutate with omniscience?

No, you can’t do this. Both Omniscience’s ability and Bestow are different alternate costs you can choose to pay to cast a card with Bestow from your hand, but you can only choose one of them and not both since a spell can only be cast with one cost, be it its normal mana cost or an alternate cost.