Will zydus share price increase?

Will zydus share price increase?

Zydus Wellness Limited quote is equal to 1613.900 INR at 2022-07-17. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the “ZYDUSWELL” stock price prognosis for 2027-07-12 is 2604.500 INR. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +61.38%.

Is Zydus Cadila and Zydus Wellness same?

Zydus Wellness Ltd is a subsidiary of Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Zydus Wellness Ltd was incorporated on November 1 1994 as a public limited company with the name Carnation Health Foods Ltd.

Is zydus a good share to buy?

ICICI Direct has buy call on Zydus Wellness with a target price of Rs 2200. The current market price of Zydus Wellness is Rs 1640.05. Time period given by analyst is one year when Zydus Wellness Ltd.

Is Zydus Wellness a listed company?

The Listing Page of Zydus Wellness Ltd. presents the Incorporation Date, Public Issue Date, Book Closure dates, Face Value, Key Listing information, Indices it is a part of, and the Exchanges where the company is listed. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

Is zydus a good company?

It is very good company with good working culture. Satisfied with job and company environment.

Is Zydus Wellness an Indian company?

Zydus Wellness (previously Carnation Nutra-Analogue Foods) is an Indian consumer goods company headquartered in Ahmedabad, which produces nutrition and skincare products. It is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare.

Who owns Zydus Wellness?

Zydus LifesciencesZydus Wellness / Parent organization

Is Zydus Wellness a MNC?

Its brands include Glucon-D, Sugar Free, EverYuth Scrub, Peel-off, Complan and Nycil. The company operates three manufacturing plants, one in Gujarat and 2 in Sikkim….Zydus Wellness.

Type Public company
Traded as NSE: ZYDUSWELL BSE: 531335
Industry Consumer goods
Genre Fast-moving consumer goods
Founded 1994

Is zydus a good brand?

AHMEDABAD: A city-based pharmaceutical major, Zydus Cadila, has found place in India’s top 10 most reputed pharma brands. The home-grown company is ranked 7th in India’s Most Respected Pharmaceutical Brands-2016 report. Five other brands from Gujarat have also made it to the list which has a total of 58 reputed brands.