Why is there discoloration under my boob?

Why is there discoloration under my boob?

Breast eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a condition that causes your skin to become dry, discolored, itchy and bumpy. It may appear in the dark areas around your nipples (areolas), between your breasts, under your breasts, on the sides of your breasts or elsewhere on your chest.

Is acanthosis nigricans serious?

Acanthosis nigricans may be a sign of a more serious health problem, such as prediabetes. The most effective treatments focus on finding and resolving medical conditions at the root of the problem. These skin patches tend to disappear after successfully treating the root condition.

Does acanthosis nigricans always mean diabetes?

Acanthosis nigricans is a benign skin condition but it can be an important indicator of systemic disease. Podiatric physicians should be aware of the clue that acanthosis nigricans skin lesions in obese patients frequently indicate underlying insulin resistance or diabetes mellitus. 1.

Can you have acanthosis nigricans and not have diabetes?

You can have acanthosis nigricans without any other medical conditions. Can you have acanthosis nigricans and not have diabetes? Yes, acanthosis nigricans is more common in people with diabetes than in the general population. However, you can have acanthosis nigricans and not have diabetes.

What does shingles look like under the breast?

Shingles under the breast can be painful and itchy. On lighter skin, the rash is typically red in color and has fluid-filled blisters. On darker skin, shingles under the breast may be red, skin-toned, or darker than your skin color. Shingles can occur in someone of any age who has already had chickenpox.

How do doctors treat acanthosis nigricans?

There’s no specific treatment for acanthosis nigricans. Your care provider might suggest treatments to help with pain and odor, such as skin creams, special soaps, medications and laser therapy.

How do dermatologists treat acanthosis nigricans?

How do dermatologists treat acanthosis nigricans?

  • Lighten skin color: Prescription creams, ointments, and gels.
  • Reduce skin thickness: Laser treatments.
  • Decrease odor and discomfort: Antibiotics you apply to the skin and antibacterial soaps.
  • Help clear the skin: Retinoids (may be a cream or pill)

What medications cause acanthosis nigricans?

Nicotinic acid and insulin were the two most significant drugs that were reported to cause acanthosis nigricans.

What is the best treatment for Heat Rash under the breast?

The best treatment is to cool off. Heat rash happens mainly when you sweat more than normal because of heat and humidity. Heat rash usually clears up without treatment. The warm, moist skin under breasts is an ideal breeding ground for bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections.

Do you have Rash under your breast?

Rashes under the breast can be quite itching, and even painful. Find out here the culprits and home remedies to get relief from this problem. This is known as breast rash. Breast rash can be quite itchy, even painful in some cases and it may even accompany blisters. You may have rash under breasts when you live and work in hot and humid conditions.

How do you get rid of itchy skin under your breasts?

Some women find it helpful to wear bra liners or mini pads to absorb moisture under the breasts. Wear loose-fitting clothes made of fabrics that breathe, such as cotton and linen. Use unscented soaps, lotions, and moisturizers. Apply a cool compress to the affected area. Calamine lotion can help reduce itching.

Can I use antiperspirant under my breasts to stop sweating?

To help prevent sweating, you may wish to use antiperspirants under the breasts. There are also body antiperspirants made for this purpose, and some are even available in powder form. If they don’t do the job, your doctor may prescribe a more powerful antiperspirant.