Why is Shaun White retiring?

Why is Shaun White retiring?

On Saturday, at the outset of his fifth Olympics, White announced that he would retire from competitive snowboarding at the conclusion of the 2022 Beijing Olympics. White, 35, cited lingering knee and back issues that had forced him to withdraw from competitions as well as miss training as factors in his decision.

How old was Shaun White in his first Olympics?

Shaun White was just 19 years old when he competed in his first Winter Olympics. The snowboarder, easily recognizable because of his red hair, was nicknamed the “Flying Tomato” at the 2006 Games.

How old is Shiffrin?

27 years (March 13, 1995)Mikaela Shiffrin / Age

Who will be the next Shaun White?

Judd Henkes, a 15 year old Snowboarder from the USA, trains seven hours away from home to persue his dream of becoming an Olympic Champion.

Does Shaun White have a child?

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White is one of the most famous athletes in the world! Even so, the San Diego, California, native always makes time for his supportive family. Although Shaun doesn’t have kids with girlfriend Nina Dobrev, he’s incredibly close with his parents and siblings.

How did Shaun meet Nina?

Late 2019: Nina Dobrev and Shaun White officially meet The pair officially met at a Florida workshop organized by motivational speaker Tony Robbins in late 2019. After their speaking engagements, Dobrev and White decided to have dinner together at a nearby restaurant.

Does Shaun White have a private jet?

Having traveled the world for training and tournaments all these years, he is finally flying for leisure. Post-retirement, White is making sure he gets to experience all the fun times he has missed out on. Recently, he hopped on a private jet and set off on yet another vacation.

How old is Petra Vlhova?

27 years (June 13, 1995)Petra Vlhová / Age

What happened to Shiffrin?

Mikaela Shiffrin ended her third Olympic Winter Games on Sunday (20 February) without winning a medal. The American and her USA teammates reached the small final in the mixed team parallel, the last event in the alpine skiing programme at Beijing 2022, but were beaten by Norway on time countback after a 2-2 tie.