Why is JOOL green?

Why is JOOL green?

Atmosphere. The green color of Jool is likely the result of certain compounds in its atmosphere. It is believed Jool gets its green color mostly from toxic potassium and chlorine gas in its upper atmosphere. However, these gases only makes up a very small part of its overall composition, which is hydrogen and helium.

How close can you get to JOOL KSP?

Simply point and burn retrograde at periapsis until you get into a stable orbit. Option 2- A few days before you arrive in Jool’s SOI, play with a maneuver node and get your periapsis under 200km, inside Jool’s atmosphere. The height of the periapsis is totally up to you, but I recommend not to go under 160km.

What is Lithobraking KSP?

End-of-mission lithobraking For instance, the term has been used to describe the impact of MESSENGER into Mercury after the spacecraft ran out of fuel. This usage is popular among fans of the game Kerbal Space Program, where unintentional use of lithobraking is a common gameplay experience.

How can I get Laythe?

Just keep orbiting Jool until you have a Laythe encounter. If you have some extra fuel and some knowledge of orbital maneuvers, you can try to speed the process up. Otherwise, just have a little patience, and you will eventually get a Laythe orbit.

What altitude does Jools atmosphere start?

Although Jool has a radius ten times greater than Kerbin, its atmosphere begins just twice as high (138.2 km). It is extremely dense, well suited for aerobraking from a high-speed interplanetary intercept. Orbiting just outside the atmosphere will give a period of 94.74 minutes, and an orbital speed of 6,785 m/s.

How old is Hunter Tylo?

60 years (July 3, 1962)Hunter Tylo / Age

Can you land on Laythe?

Keep in mind that Laythe’s atmosphere is not as thick as Kerbin’s, so if you have only one parachute, you won’t be able to land much more than a light probe or single capsule unless you also have rockets to help slow your descent. Try to time your re-entry to land your ship on one of Laythe’s many small islands.