Why is Alstom falling?

Why is Alstom falling?

PARIS/MONTREAL (Reuters) – Shares of Alstom SA and Montreal-based Bombardier Inc fell on Tuesday after the French firm agreed to buy its Canadian rival’s rail division for up to 6.2 billion euros ($6.7 billion), a deal likely to draw scrutiny from competition regulators and unions concerned about job cuts.

Is Alstom part of Bombardier?

Formerly a subsidiary and rail equipment division of Bombardier Inc., the company was acquired by French manufacturer Alstom on 29 January 2021.

Does GE still own Alstom?

PARIS, FRANCE – November 2, 2015 – GE [NYSE:GE] announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Alstom’s power and grid businesses.

Where are Alstom trains manufactured?

210 advanced modular regional commuter and transit train cars will be manufactured at Alstom’s factory in Savli, Gujarat.

Is Alstom a buy?

What can be said is that Analyst consensus for Alstom is “BUY”. 14 out of 17 analysts have a “BUY” or “OUTPERFORM” rating on Alstom at a share price of €25.64. Equity analysts have a “BUY”.

Why did Alstom buy Bombardier?

This acquisition will improve our global reach and our ability to respond to the ever-increasing need for sustainable mobility. Bombardier Transportation will bring to Alstom complementary geographical presence and industrial footprint in growing markets, as well as additional technological platforms.

Who manufactures trains in the US?

In the U.S., Alstom has more than 10,000 employees in 45 states across its energy and transportation operations. The company operates the largest passenger rolling stock manufacturing facility in North America in Hornell, NY, where employment can reach over 1,500 with strong demand for passenger rail vehicles.

Is Alstom listed in India?

Alstom has two listed entities in India with business interest in power generation and transportation (Alstom India) and transmission and distribution sector (Alstom T&D). The French parent owns 68.56 per cent in Alstom India and 75 per cent in Alstom T&D.