Why is allopurinol first-line for gout?

Why is allopurinol first-line for gout?

Allopurinol is the first-line drug for urate-lowering therapy. It is a purine analogue which competitively inhibits xanthine oxidase, reducing the production of uric acid.

What is the standard drug for primary gout?

The drugs of first choice for acute gouty arthritis are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), corticosteroids, and colchicine. Treatment with xanthine oxidase inhibitors (XOI) or uricosuric drugs is indicated for patients with a recurrent or severe course; the target uric acid value is <6 mg/dL.

Does allopurinol make gout worse at first?

Allopurinol can be started during an acute attack Historically, there has been concern that starting urate-lowering therapy such as allopurinol could worsen or prolong the acute gout flare. Two small clinical trials have now found that this is not an issue.

What is the gold standard treatment for gout?

Xanthine oxidase inhibitors (XOIs), allopurinol and febuxostat, are first-line medications and are considered the gold standard for the prevention of recurrent gouty arthritis.

Which is better for gout colchicine or allopurinol?

Zyloprim (allopurinol) works well to prevent gout attacks and is cheaper than some alternatives, but it takes a few weeks to start working. Prevents and treats gout. Colcrys (colchicine) is a second-choice treatment for gout attacks. Be careful how much you use since it can cause problems with your blood.

Can I take allopurinol and colchicine together?

Interactions between your drugs No interactions were found between allopurinol and colchicine.

Can allopurinol and colchicine be taken together?

Is it OK to take allopurinol and colchicine together?

No interactions were found between allopurinol and colchicine.

Should I stop allopurinol when taking colchicine?

Conclusion: Colchicine prophylaxis during initiation of allopurinol for chronic gouty arthritis reduces the frequency and severity of acute flares, and reduces the likelihood of recurrent flares. Treating patients with colchicine during initiation of allopurinol therapy for 6 months is supported by our data.

Can you take both colchicine and allopurinol together?

Can you mix colchicine and allopurinol?

What stops gout pain immediately?

Here’s what you can do when a gout flare starts to ease the pain and reduce the risk of others. Take Medicine You Have on Hand. Start treatment immediately with over-the-counter ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or naproxen (Aleve), but never take aspirin, which can worsen a flare.