Why does the audio loop in OBS?

Why does the audio loop in OBS?

If it is only looping when Desktop audio is enabled, that almost always means that you have your stream playing and un-muted somewhere on the system you’re streaming from.

Why does my stream keep repeating?

This is usually caused by watching your own stream while streaming, since OBS streams your PC sound it will also repeat the sound it hears from your stream. (Please check so that you do not have your Twitch.tv Dashboard open with the stream preview running or anything like that.)

Is Loopback audio free?

Where do I download it, and is it free? You can download Loopback and start your free trial here. After 20-minutes, noise is overlaid on any audio passing through an active virtual audio device.

What is Loopback audio?

Loopback enables you to combine the audio from multiple sources, including microphones and applications, then provide that combined audio to voice chat applications to be heard by all participants. For example, you might wish to combine music from a media player (like iTunes, Music.

How do I make a WAV loop?

Go to tools and then New Loop. Go in Loop start and type in where your loop starts. Once your done typing your loop points. go to file and save as and then save your music where ever you want.

Why is my stream looping audio?

If you are hearing your microphone echoing (it loops over and over) when live streaming to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, check you do not have your stream open in your browser unmuted.

What does Loopback audio do?

How do you create a loopback?

The steps to configure a loopback interface on a router are:

  1. Create the loopback interface using the interface loopback number global configuration command.
  2. Add a description. Although optional, it is a necessary component for documenting a network.
  3. Configure the IP address.

Is loopback audio free?