Who wrote the song Year 3000 by Busted?

Who wrote the song Year 3000 by Busted?

James BourneCharlie SimpsonSteve Robson
Year 3000/Composers

Who originally did Year 3000?

Year 3000 is a pop punk song by British band Busted, which the Jonas Brothers covered in 2006.

Who discovered the Jonas Brothers?

Columbia Records dropped the brothers after “It’s About Time” had poor sales, but the band signed with Disney’s Hollywood Records in 2007. In January 2007, the music video for “Year 3000” premiered on Disney Channel and proved to be a huge hit for the band.

Who Wrote Year 3000 Busted or Jonas Brothers?

How many hours are there until the Year 3000?

8568345 hours
Countdown Timer

357014 days
8568345 hours
514100704 minutes
30846042258 seconds

What is the Year 3000 a cover of?

The song “Year 3000” is about taking a trip to the future in a time machine and discovering that people now live underwater. While they don’t explicitly talk about global warming in the lyrics, we have to assume that’s why the people of 3000 moved under the seas.

Are Busted still friends?

The band reunited in 2016 and have stayed together since. According to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), Busted have been certified for 2.4 million albums and 1.8 million singles in the UK.

Are the Jonas Brothers white?

It has been reported that the Jonas Brothers are of German, English, Scottish, Italian, Irish, and French-Canadian, and Cherokee Indian ancestry.

What was the number one song in January 2003?

Chart history

Issue Date Song Artist(s)
January 4 “Lose Yourself” Eminem
January 11 “Beautiful” Christina Aguilera
January 18
January 25

Who writes Busted songs?

Two original members of the boy band Busted have lost their High Court battle over a claim of £10 million in unpaid royalties. Ki McPhail and Owen Doyle maintain that they wrote several of Busted’s songs, including the hits Year 3000 and What I Go to School for, when the band were formerly named the Termites.