Who wrote autobiography in India?

Who wrote autobiography in India?

List of Famous Indian Personalities and their Autobiographies

S.No Autobiography Name Author
1. An Autobiography Jawaharlal Nehru
2. A Shot at History Abhinav Bindra
3. Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda
4. Atmakatha (Malayalam) Anna Chandy

Who is the father of autobiography?

Saint Augustine of Hippo wrote Confessions, the first Western autobiography ever written, around 400.

Which unknown Indian biography is?

The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian is the 1951 autobiography of Indian writer Nirad C….The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian.

First UK edition
Author Nirad C. Chaudhuri
Followed by A Passage to England (1959)

Who commented that autobiography of an Unknown Indian is one of the best book that he had ever read?

The autobiography has acquired many distinguished admirers over the years. It was thought by Winston Churchill to be one of the best books he had ever read.

Whose autobiography is known as The Story of My Experiments with Truth ‘?

The Story of My Experiments with Truth (Gujarati: Satya Na Prayogo athva Atmakatha, lit. ‘Experiments of Truth or Autobiography’) is the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, covering his life from early childhood through to 1921. It was written in weekly installments and published in his journal Navjivan from 1925 to 1929.

What are the best Indian biography/autobiographies to read?

A must-read biography book for all young brains, who aspire to become legal professionals or lawyers in India. There are two books on the life of Nani Palkhiwala, truly a legal legend of India, and both books are among the best Indian biography/autobiographies list. Believe me, you won’t resist yourself from reading both.

What are some of the best books on Indian history?

Jawaharlal Nehru (An Autobiography – 1936) Also known as “Towards Freedom”, this book was written by Nehru in prison. The autobiography of Nehru had a strong influence on post-colonial India. The story showcases the journey of not only a man but also his country. 4. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (The Story of My Experiments with Truth – 1940)

What are the best biography books about Mahatma Gandhi?

Irrespective of many controversies we have heard about M. K. Gandhi, “My Experiment with Truth” by Mahatma Gandhi himself is a must-read. In his autobiography, at times, he is brutally honest in describing his experiments and incidents. Without any doubt, I can say that this book is among the best biography and autobiography books of India.

What is this biography book from India about?

This biography book from India is about a man with a clear vision and mind, a brilliant speaker, who has clearly inspired our lives for over a century. His superhuman accomplishments in the 1890’s America with unbelievable odds worked against him. Yet what he did in 1893 in Chicago will be heard for centuries.