Who was Van Wyk?

Who was Van Wyk?

Poet, novelist, editor, storyteller and cultural activist, Christopher van Wyk, who lost his battle against cancer on 3 October 2014, was one of South Africa’s most endearing literary figures.

What did Chris van Wyk study?

Van Wyk, who died in 2014, was awarded a Doctor of Literature (DLitt) degree that was accepted by his two sons, Kevin and Dr Karl van Wyk.

When did Chris Van Wyk write in detention?

In 1979, he published one of the most-quoted anti-apartheid poems, “In Detention”, which appeared in the collection It is Time to Go Home under the Ad Donker imprint, and for which van Wyk received the Olive Schreiner Prize. Van Wyk had written over 20 books, including poetry collections and children’s books.

Where did Chris Van Wyk?

Van Wyk is famous for his poem “In Detention” on the suspicious deaths that befell South African political prisoners during Apartheid. He was also an editor at Ravan Press….Christopher van Wyk.

Chris van Wyk
Died 3 October 2014 (aged 57) Johannesburg, Gauteng
Nationality South African
Alma mater Riverlea High School
Occupation Author

Where is the surname Van Wyk from?

Dutch: variant mostly archaic or Americanized of Van Wijk a habitational name for someone from any of the many places in the Netherlands named Wijk from wijk ‘district settlement’. The surname Van Wyk is most common in South Africa; it is also established in Namibia.

Where does the surname Van Wyk originate from?

Early Origins of the Vanwyk family The surname Vanwyk was first found in Holland, where the name became noted for its many branches in the region, each house acquiring a status and influence which was envied by the princes of the region.

Why did Chris van Wyk write the poem in detention?

The poem is satire which aims to expose the behaviour of the South African police during the apartheid regime. It comments indirectly on the number of deaths that happened during the detention of political activists by not mentioning any names (green).

What is the theme of the poem candle by Chris van Wyk?

Theme: The poem contrasts the caged bird with the free bird and their different characteristics, emphasising the caged bird. The bird represents people in the actual world who are restricted/ oppressed/ discriminated against.

What is the message of the poem in detention?

What is the tone of the poem in detention?

The tone of the poem is sarcastic/scornful/ironic. The speaker shows this by manipulating the language to suggest that earlier claims could be accurate, but were not, and the absurdity of the later points suggests this.

When was in detention written?

The poem ”In Detention’ is part of a collection of poems by Christopher Van Wyk called It Is Time To Go Home published in 1979.

When and where was Christopher Van Wyk born?

1957, Soweto, South AfricaChristopher van Wyk / Born