Who was the killer in The Lying Game?

Who was the killer in The Lying Game?

Ethan Landry
Ethan Landry is the murderer of Sutton Mercer and Nisha Banerjee. It is revealed that he was so in love with Sutton that he would do anything for her such as trying to find her birth mother. He killed her out of rejection.

What happened to The Lying Game season 3?

ABC Family has cancelled The Lying Game after two seasons and 30 episodes. The last episode aired on March 12th. Actress Alexandra Chando broke the news via her Instagram account and wrote, “To our awesome #lyinggame fans, thank you for these two amazing seasons.

Who did Emma end up with in The Lying Game?

In episode Cheat, Play, Lie Emma and Thayer kiss and are officially a couple.

What is Justin’s Secret on The Lying Game?

Season One In Over Exposed, Justin wins Homecoming King, with Laurel’s help as his campaign manager. However, Justin has a secret- he’s a runaway orphan. His parents died, and he ended up in the foster care system with a nice family, but thy already had three kids to look over so he left for Phoenix.

Is Sutton Mercer dead?

Sutton was adopted by a wealthy family, but took everything she had for granted. She is also the founder of “The Lying Game”. Sutton is the identical sister to Emma Paxton. She died on August 31, 2010, just before meeting Emma….Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop.

Sutton Mercer
Series Information
Status: Deceased

Do Ethan and Emma get back together?

Emma goes to tell Ethan that she chooses him over Thayer – unfortunately for Emma, Ethan has chosen Dan over her and ends their relationship for good. Ethan goes back and tells Dan everything he knows and they start looking for answers about Teresa’s death.

What is Justin hiding in The Lying Game?

How many episodes are in The Lying Game?

30The Lying Game / Number of episodes

Who is Laurel’s boyfriend in Lying Game?

Obi-Wan Takes the High Ground! – The Loop

Laurel Mercer
Family: Sutton Mercer (Half sister) Emma Becker (Half sister) Kristin Mercer (mother) Ted Mercer (father)
Romances: Justin Miller (ex-boyfriend) Baz (kissed) Jordan Lyle (fake romance)
Friends: Baz Emma Becker Madeline Rybak Ethan Whitehorse

Who is the twins mom in the lying game?

Annie Rebecca Rybak (née Sewell) most commonly known as Rebecca, is Sutton and Emma’s biological mother and also Char’s aunt who has returned to town after a long time away and a very messy divorce, and now goes by her middle name, Rebecca. She is portrayed by Charisma Carpenter. She is a member of the Sewell Family.

Who kills Teresa in The Lying Game?

Derek’s Killer is a anonymous character that killed Derek Rogers and Theresa Lopez, and may possibly know about Emma and Sutton.